Tuesday, August 14, 2012

studio corners

A few of my favorite little spaces in my mom's California studio:


Image 3

Image 2

And my favorite of all is this bunting she created by sewing straight through a colorful bunch of vintage stamps from all over the world. It looks festive and romantic, all the while hinting at her love for global travel. I want to make one too, don't you!? 

Image 1
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  1. Inspiring space, your mom's studio.
    Begs the question, are you two making anything?

  2. What a great space - love the stamp garland!

  3. love love the stamp bunting. i have a collection of foreign stamps from our business — i just don’t know if i could bear to separate them from their envelopes!

    love her corners <3

  4. OH Maya, as soon as I saw your mother's old cabinet I must admit I began to covet it, even just for a moment... you see I have been looking for something like it for years. Actually owned a lovely vintage bank of cabinets/cupboards from a school home ec classroom but had to leave it in the house when we sold due to weight/size constrictions... (it made me sad, as in to this day I still miss it kinda sad but i know the new family was ecstatic when they saw it so that makes me happy!) and the brushes simply make me swoon...

    So glad you were able to go home and visit! it does a soul good! :)

  5. Maya as always I adore your eye for beauty. You and your mom are sooo creative. I love her stamp bunting and I hope she doesn't mind if I copy.

  6. Oh my gosh. I think my mom is pretty cool, but you must have the coolest mom in the world. What a beautiful studio she has!

  7. That cabinet with the drawers is awesome! I love pieces with small or shallow drawers, so perfect for organizing treasures!
    Thanks for the tour!
    ~ joey ~

  8. I love the stamps draped on the branches!! Today I got your book and it is WONdeRful!! The projects are so great - practical and artfully made.

  9. I love sticks and logs. There's always room for one more. Fun, creative spaces.