Monday, August 20, 2012

dinner at the barn


I had been wanting to throw a sit down dinner party outside all summer. In looking at the calendar last week, I realized it was now or never. My mother was my amazing accomplice, and Laura had my back as usual. After putting out the impromptu call (email, actually) last week, a handful of dear friends (some bearing their own mamas) arrived at the barn. Nine in total. I think we knocked their socks off! The above photo is the "after" shot. I took several pictures throughout the night with my camera... they're beautiful, but still don't do it justice. That barn is just a spectacular setting for gatherings!

My mom had just been to Madison Bouckville a few days earlier and incorporated her favorite scores into the evening. The new bar on the deck was repurposed from an upside down industrial laundry bin covered with old reclaimed wood. Gorgeous and super functional. Here's a shot of  covered in party prep mode.

The other new thrift were a set of rusty old chicken feeders. They were re-imagined into outdoor candle holders that fit the setting perfectly and felt super safe, too. Find one on the bar before being lit and covered and another in the second to last pic with all of the food at the bottom of the post.

Image 2 IMG_3554 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 IMG_3564 IMG_3571

The food and drinks were divine. We asked the guests to bring something local and seasonal... deliciousness followed.
-sundried sungolds with goat cheese balls
-asian slaw with sprouted mung beans (all from my garden!)
-local sausages seared to perfection
-home made sour dough flat breads with caramelized onions (from her own starter, of course)
-watermelon, basil, feta salad with balsamic vinegar
-local bread
-roasted new potatoes
-a huge salad of fresh mixed greens


The dessert and cocktail were my favorites, and I'm not alone, but I'm saving them for tomorrow! The two secret ingredients that always lead to a magical night... beautiful women and twinkle lights!

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  1. It looks wonderful, I'm so hungry now :)

  2. Gorgeous setting! The food looks great too.

  3. the "desert" and cocktails? don't you mean "dessert"?

    1. Ahh yes. We'd need quite a few cocktail for quenching if we were in the desert. Thanks for the typo correction!;)

  4. Now that looks like a pretty remarkable way to eat dinner :).

  5. What a lovely and memorable dinner party -- at the barn.