Monday, July 16, 2012


Every summer is unique. When we are little, each year is so vastly different than the next as far as our size and ability. We only get one chance for that particular year. Whether we fully remember each summer of our childhood or not, we do remember the joys, don't we? My mother certainly did, and passed all of  her favorites down to me. I was looking at these old photos of her and realized how much her parents shaped the summers I try to give to their great grandchildren today. Generations of joy. Summer bliss is a legacy I love passing on....

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  1. Love those photos! My childhood summers were boring. I spent a lot of time reading and amusing myself, which is fine up to a point, but it got lonely, too. My mom didn't do much of anything with us during the week (she was home, just not motivated or interested). I think this is a huge reason why I make the most of the summer with my kids--for them and for me, too. One way or another, what our parents chose to do shapes what we choose to do.

  2. Happy Birthday Week!

    Love these images. Hoping you enjoy all of your moments with those fabulous sweet loves of your's.

    sunshine & happiness.