Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fresh eyes

Morning light  in my mom's studio.

We awoke to the light streaming through my mother's tiny art studio/apartment (320 sq ft) that we are all lovingly squeezing into. It's our home base during our Bay Area adventure, and just what the doctor ordered. Fresh perspective, delicious food like only Grandma makes, new inspiration... and an overall nurturing that the three of us desperately needed.Tiny and close quarters means lots of time for togetherness. Feels like we all just climbed into a warm and loving lap and have been enveloped in the most colorful and cozy quilt ever.

The same intense creativity and gorgeous thrifting that graces my mother's barn, is alive and well in every corner and crevice of her apartment, and I can't wait to take some nice photos to share with my camera. For now, there will be glimpses from my iphone. I'm using this vacation and my proximity to THE Apple Store (Palo Alto) to make a much needed and anticipated switch from PC to Mac. Scary. Exciting. New. Just like the rest of my life these days. I'll let you know how it goes!

Now that I've landed, I want to shout out a reminder:

Join me in Berkeley this Saturday for a wonderful workshop at Teahouse Studio... it's not too late to sign up and I'd love to meet you! It's going to be a very special day, with incredible folks and a beautiful environment for learning and creating together. It's evolving into what looks to be an amazing afternoon filled with surprises! Any questions? Just email me: mayaluna{at}yahoo{dot}com

The meet and greet from 6-8pm is free and open to the public... so please come on by for my one and only west coast appearance!
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  1. such beautiful light coming through those windows! i look forward to seeing more photos of her collections - they look well curated and loved :)

  2. i'll be there for the class, thanks for the reminder! can't wait to meet you after all these years following your blog.xoxo

  3. Takes just a little getting used to, but you're going to love a Mac. I switched last year and won't go back. Nothing like Mom to make you feel nurtured. Enjoy every moment of it.

  4. Please don't say "one and only west coast appearance"!!! But if you have to say it, at least add, "...this summer". That way it leaves the door open for the future (and I won't be so bummed for having to miss it)! :)

  5. Love the photos and descriptions x