Tuesday, June 26, 2012

taproot #2

I've always loved the early morning hours before the day gets going, but I enjoy them even more in the summer. The sun is up and waiting for me at the picnic table long before my children roll out of bed. It's some of the only quiet time I have these days, and I savor it with my favorite cup of coffee and bit of good reading. Today I finally had the moment I've been craving with the second issue of Taproot. I know, I know... it took me a good long while, but it was worth the wait. This issue is even more lovely than the first! tr
Editor, Amanda Blake Soule, understands deeply just what has been missing in the print world for the growing community that respect a life that is slower and closer to home... that seeks sustainability, simplicity, and soul. She's curated (and written) a compilation of articles, recipes, stories and projects that feel like a gathering of old friends that are brimming with new inspiration. I think one of Amanda's gifts is that she truly is that old friend you adore that always has the best ideas. I'm absolutely honored to be included once more.You'll find my Story Staff amidst the pages. tr4

It's a walking stick collaged with foraged treasures from family hikes... and a great summer project for making and taking on your next journey into the wilderness or even just down to your local park trail.
story staff at the lake Pin It


  1. I have really enjoyed both issues of Taproot. It's such a unique treasure amongst all the thousands of magazine pages that are printed each month.
    (That is such a sweet, sweet picture. I'd frame that one because before you know it, they'll be all grown up.)

  2. Totally love your story staff!!! Wonderful!!!

  3. Ciao! Hi!
    I love your cup!! And your pictures...they look so relaxing!!
    You're so creative Maya! Always an inspiration to me :)
    Many greetings!!

  4. I enjoyed everything about this issue! I look forward to making your staff with with my children.

  5. Taproot has become my new respite from the worldliness of our age... the story staff was delightful!