Monday, June 4, 2012

gearing up

Getting ready 
 Oh Squam! The time has come for me to return to that healing lake, gathering of gorgeous souls, and endless inspiration. Besides the packing (ahem), I have never been so ready! Especially on the spirit front. My teaching supplies are lined up. The prep for my talk on Friday night is all in my heart. The making for the art fair (everyone's invited!) is just about done, thank goodness. I'm always sewing up until the last minute and have to remember to try to photograph everything. Whatever I make is so truly one of kind that it feels critical to document them. My iphone will save the day, once again. I will be sharing some instagram photos of my reinvented creations throughout the week, but I won't be responding to much email until next Monday. I'm also emptying the shelves in my shop with the exception, of my book. If you'd like a bucket pattern just look above and click on the tab marked "patterns".

I will also be instagrammin' the week as much as possible. You can follow me @mayamade for lots of squamalicious peeks!

And here's the first glimpse at  one of my reinvented pouches... all materials are recycled... down to the zipper. June poppy pods are perfect for printing! Go plant some today for gorgeous blooms and happy pods next year!

Untitled Poppies are perfect for printing with today... Rain and newly petal-free are the perfect conditions. Poppy pouch for squam art fair
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  1. I know you will have a very "healing" time at Squam this year. Enjoy every minute! One day I hope to join you there.
    ~ joey ~

  2. What a wonderful week you will have...wonder in so many ways!

  3. beautiful ~~
    i hope to make it back there next year....
    and perhaps, this time when i see you in the cafeteria, i will not be too shy to say hello.
    have a wonderful visit in that magical space

  4. Those are so beautiful! Someday I'll get to Squam...Until then, take my heart with you! I have a special needs nursling at home right now!!

  5. Oh so jealous! And I can't wait to watch the fun on instagram!
    PS. Is your ink pad permanent or just a regular one??

  6. Love how you used it all! so very nice...

  7. Wow Maya I LOVE the pouch, and the stamp. Great work. Wish I could be at Squam...

  8. Can't wait to see you there Maya! Happy packing.

  9. Hello Maya,
    Have a wonderful time at Squam.
    Smiles, Paula

  10. Squam sounds like an incredible place. One day I'll get there.

  11. I LOVE that poppy print. Beautiful pattern and gorgeous colour. The finished purse is delightful.

    I hope you have a wonderful time at Squam! I'm sure you will. :) I wish it wasn't so far from New Zealand! It sounds like such an amazing experience, I would love to go.

    Lucy x

  12. Love those poppy prints, Maya. have a great week and I'm looking forward to getting some Squam glimpses via Instagram.

  13. Our poppies have just finished blooming and I shared this idea with my daughter (6 years old) and she thought it was amazing! Can't wait to give stamping with poppies a try. Thanks for showing us another simple and beautiful craft.

  14. We experimented with using our poppies to stamp. I wrote a post about our stamping and shared a link to your blog and this post. Thank you.