Tuesday, May 1, 2012

reinvention tour: sew liberated

reinvention barn
Happy May Day! Welcome to the start of a new month and the celebration of my first book. I asked Meg, at Sew Liberated, to be the first stop for a reason. We've been internet friends for several years, with a common background as former early childhood educators that love to sew... and blog. Two springs ago, we had a phone date and I shared my dreams of writing a book. Although it was not the first time I'd told anyone my plans, it was this particular discussion that led me to the perfect woman that would soon represent me and my book idea. I am forever grateful to Meg for her support, generosity, and wisdom. And since I'm such a sentimental gal it seemed fitting to have her begin the tour. The fact that I've been on both of her book blog tours makes it all the sweeter to be on this end. Thank you Meg!!

She asked me several thoughtful questions about reinvention, so hop on over to Sew Liberated, and while you're there don't forget to peruse her amazing pattern shop... she's an insanely talented designer who wears many "hats" very well!
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  1. I'm looking forward to your blog tour, I love all of your reinventing it's beautiful!