Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm so happy to finally announce something special I've been keeping quiet about for months. Chances are you may have already heard the news. Please indulge me anyway! Amanda Blake Soule, SouleMama, has been working on a mighty special project and it launched last week. Taproot is an independent and ad-free publication that will be printed quarterly... with the seasons.

 "It's a collection of curated stories written by and for people living fully and digging deeper; people who are interested in deepening their connections to their families, communities, and themselves as they strive to live locally and closer to the ground."

 Amanda Blake Soule is one quietly powerful woman. Her vision, values and actions are a constant source of inspiration... and affirmation. 
These words represent Taproot and are also the compass for Amanda's daily life on a new homestead in rural Maine with her five children, ever present partner, and a growing menagerie of animals.  But you can be a family of three toiling in an urban community garden and still use those words for your ultimate navigation. You see, whether you've been on a green and local path for years or are just awakening to the beauty of slower living, I believe Taproot has come at the perfect time for ALL of us seeking more substance and connection to the choices we make. I couldn't have been happier and more deeply honored when I received Amanda's invitation to create a project for this inaugural edition.The list of contributors and illustrators is AWESOME- completely amazing really, which makes me feel even more privileged to be a part of something so unique and exciting. And it's beautiful to boot!

This first issue is dedicated to SOIL... spring's muse. I hope you'll find my contribution, a pattern for a Reclaimed Burlap Garden Trug, to be the perfect project to get you excited for sowing seeds and sewing with rescued fabric!
reclaimed burlap garden trug
To read more wonderful details and get subscription info look here:

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  1. I'm exited! I subscribed last week!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I will be subscribing today!! I was happy to see you were a part of this project and look forward to soaking it all up when the first issue arrives.Have a lovely weekend!

  3. this looks so great, congratulations!
    I did hear about it on Soulemama first :)
    I'm going to look into being a contributing illustrator, I would love to be a part of this project, and in such good company..
    good wishes on this new project!

  4. I saw this and just got so excited! There's something really amazing about all the collaboration going on right now, and we get to reap the benefits. It's just fantastic! Happy weekend to you and the family.

  5. So happy you're part of the first issue, and so excited about this new magazine. The timing is perfect as many of us are trying to live differently and more gently. Congratulations!

  6. Wonderful project! congrats for being part of it, Maya!

  7. Congratulations Maya!
    Amanda knows who to put in the first edition...only the best!
    I can't wait to see it!
    ~ joey ~

  8. Brilliant, just brilliant. Thanks for the link, Maya. x

  9. Yup!! Immediately subscribed for two years...this is the right thing. :) Congrats on getting in on the ground floor, Maya.

  10. I've already subscribed and I'm excited about your project. My one question is, where do you get your reclaimed burlap? I know where to source a lot of reclaimed stuff, but not burlap. Audra Costello

  11. Congratulations Maya on being part of such a wonderful endeavor.
    I have subscribed and am excited to receive mail in the box at the end of the driveway instead of the computer.
    Warm wishes,