Thursday, February 9, 2012

creative pilgrimage

creative pilgrimage
This recent arrival on my front porch was exciting! Here's what I said last year when I first announced my involvement in Creative Pilgrimage:
I was so honored and pleased when Jenny Doh invited me to be a part of her newest book about various art gatherings around the country. You know how much I love to go on about the amazing experience that is Squam Art Workshops. Of course, I would be  thrilled to have my words be between the covers of a book that focuses purely on the magic of art retreats. Jenny also asked me to contribute a project. Fantastic! The potential to inspire keeps me constantly motivated. Teaching workshops, writing about creativity, sharing techniques... whether here on my blog or in print, these are the flames that fuel me.

It's great to finally hold it in my hands. Upon opening it, I was greeted with a photograph I had taken 2 years ago at Squam lake. I knew it would be here, but it still made me giddy to see it in such a sweet spot in the book.
There are several pages of my writing about my history, teaching philosophy, creativity and such.
Jenny asked for a photo of me being real... maybe laughing. I said, I knew just the one. Kathrin had caught me in a moment of hilarity a while back, and it's funny to see it here in print. It took a bit of courage to send it in, actually. But anyone who knows me, has undoubtedly seen me laughing hard. I just do.
Two of my favorite pieces made it into the book as well. I do love this photograph of my golden ginkos print surrounded by the real thing. The collage on the right was made for a friend out of security envelopes, doilies and the inside of a tea box.
This page has pictures from one of my printing workshops at Squam. Get's me excited just looking at it! That's my daughter's little finger holding down the page for me. Sweet.
And here's my project that I offered instructions for: a collection box of sorts... deconstructed and retrofitted with a clasp.
This book is filled with the words, projects and photos of so many amazing creative teachers, I still can't believe I have the good fortune to be included in such a line-up. Happy day! Pin It


  1. It looks like a wonderful book. Congratulations Maya!

  2. Wow, congratulations, Maya! What a nice spread. It captures the essence of you and your teaching, I can tell.
    xoxo Kim

  3. oh, maya, how exciting!!! this looks wonderful...i think i'll head over to amazon now...

  4. O exciting ...Congrats to you ! Im gonna check into purchasing this book looks like much fun ! Have a great evening! hugs lilraggedyangie

  5. How cool! It looks you put some really neat projects in there. I would love to attend sqwam one day. The book will be the next best thing.

  6. That's it, I'm buying your book! Wonderful, Maya.

  7. I just purchased the book - I can't wait to get it on Tuesday!!

  8. I just finished reading the book. Oh how I wish that I can go to Squam someday! I'm a teacher (grade 1 - 2) and it comes at the worst possible time for me -- during the first weeks of school and the last. I'm hoping to go next year though...

  9. Such a beautiful bunch of photographs and projects. Your work makes me giddy with happiness! Congrats on this feature. Xoxo

  10. Congrats Maya!! I just put the book on hold at the library - big smile :)