Thursday, February 2, 2012

the best medicine

Yesterday's fabric scrap hearts inspired so many things. Not having any idea of what they would be, gave me that "freedom to explore" that always turns into something wonderful.  As I started to play, people I love began to float into my mind...  one with a new grandbaby to love, another with a birthday to celebrate, and then someone with a newly broken heart. It was that broken heart that led me to stitch the symbol above. After all, love really is the best medicine. I will share more of my heart sewing tomorrow. I know so many in need of a "healing heart" right now, that I'm off to sew a few more before my little window disappears. xox
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  1. Very beautiful.

  2. love this...especially for broken hearts!

  3. Maya, I love how you create with an idea but not always with a finished product in mind. I need to try that more often.

  4. sweet idea. there are a few I know are in need of something as simple and special as this heart.