Monday, January 2, 2012


reflections and perspective
So here we go 2012... I'm diving in! I'm sitting here with my new favorite cup*, watching the snow finally arrive, and gearing up for a fresh start. Last year was such a doozy, but I learned a tremendous amount. I get to bring that wisdom with me, thankfully. Here's what I know:
  • plan and plot, but remember that in the end flexibility is my best friend
  • self-care is as necessary as oxygen (sleep and exercise- I'm talking to you!)
  • 24 hours in a day will never expand- stop fighting it and enjoy the parameter it creates
  • coffee was/is not the culprit of a nagging health issue (thank goodness!), sadly wheat is (could be worse!)
  • the house will not clean itself and neither will anyone else if the expectation isn't there (new chore lists have been made!)
  • scheduling time with the people we love honors relationships 
  • scheduling creative time honors its worth
  • stating intentions is the beginning of making dreams happen- write them down, pin them up, speak them freely
  • practice: listening, meditating, painting, sewing, exercise, baking... they all improve with daily practice
  • organization will liberate hours from each day
And on that last note, I'll be skipping off to put into place my new (free and not so fancy) calendar system. I printed up 12 blank calendar months and am arranging them over my computer so that I can see the whole year at a glance. Bam! Today I'll transfer dates and sort out new ones as I map out my next year. I'm feeling so January-ish and loving it! Sending my extra energy and motivation through this screen right to you! xo!
* a cup note: I drink a hot beverage multiple times a day. I tend to have have a favorite cup. Sadly my best mug cracked after 12 faithful years, and I've been hunting for its replacement ever since. I think this gorgeous white one comes pretty close, as it fits my two top mug needs: it feels PERFECT in my hands and is pretty enough to make me smile each time I use it. The best part- my good friend Julie made it! She doesn't even know that my husband gave it to me for Christmas, so I can't wait to point her to this post. Anyway, her work is incredible, so if you're on the look out for that perfect cup (or bowl) to drink in the new year- Julia E. Dean is now on Etsy!
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  1. Happy January, Maya! Here's to another great year. I like your list...much of it applies here as well. I am working on my first 2012 post right now! Here's to a great year!

    BTW, I started a full year calendar at a glance dry erase board next to my computer last year. I love it! You can plan the whole year, add stuff, cross stuff off, see where you've been, etc! Good luck!

  2. Oh my, that IS a lot to learn. Some years are like that! And I also feel like it could be much worse than giving up wheat--all gluten, in my case. And I also say I will give up almost anything, but they'll have to rip the coffee out of my hands. Anything but the coffee!!

    Happy 2012!

  3. i love that swirl in the cup bottom. almost as if the cup is talking to you when you have sipped the last drop.

  4. Amy- you made me laugh! I say wheat, but actually to be safe I stay away from all gluten, too.

    Deanna- I definitely love watching that spiral emerge!

  5. Great cup !!! Have a lovely new year !! wishing all the best to you and loved ones !!!

  6. That is an awesome cup...thanks for the new year's is time to get organized! Do you have a link to the calendar you are using? Thanks!

  7. Happy New Year! Your list is so good, so thoughtful, so right. Love the new mug.

  8. yes, that is one beautiful mug, I especially love the swirl at the bottom, and that perfect white with the gorgeous blue. So many beautiful details.
    I also like your 'learnings' from '11

  9. Feliz año Maya, por cierto, lo de la taza no es un comentario es pura filosofía

  10. Happy New Year Maya - your list is wonderful - I especially like the part of speaking and writing down your intentions/dreams and about making time to spend with those you love.
    Blessings, Tonya

  11. your list is beautiful and inspirational and so heart felt. thank you for sharing and blessings to you and your family in 2012.

    also...your friend does beautiful work (my have to add a new mug to my collection)

  12. Hi Maya! I've followed you back here from instagram and ohmygoodness I am so pleased I did. What a glorious space you make. Wishing you and your family such a happy and sweet and creative 2012. xx

  13. maya, i ordered this cup for myself for christmas! i love it. pretty little thing ! :) xo

  14. Maya, You always make me smile, but today more than any. Such beautiful sentiment for the year ahead and I look forward to your new book too!!

    I'm so glad I found your blog (although I don't remember how) it is such a source of inspiration.


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  16. what a great New Year's post...thank you, I'm inspired.

  17. Just peeked at Julie's Etsy site...she must be an Ithaca mom has one of her pieces :-)

  18. Feeling January-ish is so what I am feeling these days, you named it! Wishing you a wonderful 2012 with, lots and lots of timeless islands to wait for that magic spiral emerge from your great cup! Gesche

  19. lovely list...I am with you on all of them :)
    This cup is divine. I will be heading over to her etsy. xoxoxo

  20. Hey, your list is exactly what I needed to hear / do ( except the wheat - thankfully OK with that!). Thank you!

  21. Good luck with your goals for the new year.

    I just had to order myself one of those gorgeous cups. I am a sucker for that pottery swirl and that blue is to die for. I have a boring department store mug set that is slowly coming apart and is being replaced one-by-one with unique, beautiful mugs. They make me happy each time I use them.

  22. your list resonates with me...especially loving:
    "scheduling time with the people we love honors relationships" and
    "scheduling creative time honors its worth"

    thank you for sharing these thoughts...

  23. Love this post. You have great wisdom to share!