Friday, January 27, 2012

how to: find your makin' mojo

makin mojo
I haven't wanted to admit it, but somewhere at the beginning of the year, I realized that I had lost my "making stuff" mojo. My enthusiasm for creating and the constant rush of fresh ideas... they had gone into hiding. Intellectually, I knew that it was all tied into completing my book right before the holidays... and then well, the holidays. Knowing what it was didn't make it come back, nor comfort me. I decided to wait it out, take good care of myself, and see what happened. Guess what? Yes, you know the answer... of course it came back. With a vengeance! It's been knocking on my door quietly all week and then this morning it went and kicked that door down! Wahoo! Instead of posting about children's gifts at parties (next week, ok?), I was scribbling furiously in my idea notebooks. Plural. Finished one and began another. So, when I went to blog, all I could think about was you. You have probably felt this same loss of inspiration before. I can't be the only one? Right? So I jotted down what I believe triggered the return.
how to
And here's a few details and an addition:
- When I'm in my studio, I've been listening to music without lyrics. It let's the words to my own ideas flow in. On Pandora it's piano solos. On my iphone it's Invoking the Muse.
- Craft party, knit night, or anything where you gather creatively with others (kids and/or grown-ups) is sure to spark new insights.
- Almost every day this month I've had a large glass of raw veggie/fruit juice and/or a green smoothie. They are power in liquid form, never to be underestimated.
- I've been making some small items for friends. Very different than making something for your children or home. If it's for a girlfriend, as it is for the recipients of those two pouches*, they most likely will appreciate something with your aesthetic. Makes it extra fun and super inspiring.
- If you live close to nature- go to the city. If you are an urban dweller- get to the country.
 What would you add to the list?
*pouch ingredients:
green army blanket, grey wool suit pants, linings:  shirt/skirt, recycled zippers
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  1. Love that you shared this, Maya. I think it also helps to be gentle with ourselves (which might be the same thing as "don't go searching," in a way). I might add to take your camera out for a walk, even just into the yard. I find a camera helps me look closely, and if I feel stuck I almost always feel better after taking some photographs.

    And the other bit would be to just play around with some materials--my kids are great inspirations for this, like you say.

  2. Oh Maya. Thank you for this. For someone who is full of ideas I have been stuck for...dare I even admit that it's maybe been six months? nine months? longer? I have PILES of things cut out. Waiting. Waiting for me to get the inspiration...the just get going.

    I think dedicated time is important. I definitely need to get onto the smoothies. I love your music ideas - no words is huge for me too. And company! The one thing I might add is to never feel like if you aren't doing something "big" that it isn't worth it. I get caught up in BIG project (knitting whole sweaters, large quilts that sort of thing) and forget that making a little cloth bag for my boys to carry their cars around in...or a new apron is JUST as enjoyable, rewarding and helps spur me on to the next thing.

    Thank you for your honestly. It resonates! xo

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas in this nice post; personaly, browsing through crafty magazines and books is a great help,even if they are not new ones. Taking the time to admire other people's creative work always has a positive influence on my inspiration.
    Discovering inspiring new blogs has the same effect on me.

  4. Oh yes! I've been experiencing this same lack of "mojo" this month. So, i gave myself permission to let it be, having faith it would find me again. Those little pouches are cute:) I have some washed wool just waiting for me to make something. and yes, those green juices are miracle workers! Stumbled upon your blog this past summer and enjoy it so much!

  5. This post just reminded me that I had a dream the other night that I found your ideas notebook. You left it behind at Squam and I was there (I wish!). I guess the dream fairies must have sent it back!

  6. I have sooo been in the same situation since the xmas crafting rush. My problem is I have a long list of things I have to make before I can tackle any new fun stuff. You've inspired me to start tackling them!

  7. I've found taking a break from looking at blogs/internet helps me. While it can be inspiring, I find it also hindering - I need to stop looking at what everyone else is doing, and just focus on things I enjoy doing. Then ideas usually then grow out of doing simple things.

  8. Thank you! I have been in that same rut and feel that I just crawled out. It seems to hot after the holidays for me or a lomg vacation awy from home. Hard to get back in the groove but once you do, it feels like great! This time, for, me it was a dream. Whatever works!

    Thank you for all you share! You are an inspiration!

  9. Oh yes we've all felt it!
    I'm sure you remember my gushing emails thanking you for sparking my creative mojo again?!
    Your bucket pattern started several weeks of furious crafting!
    So I would like to add "visit Maya's blog" to that list please!
    ~ joey ~

  10. Unfortunately, I would exercise. It's a killer sometimes, but it does wonders for your thoughts and creativity!

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I hear a lot about creativity block but not a lot about riding it out and what sorts of things you can do to coax it back. I'm definitely with you on the smoothies. I've been doing a little of that myself lately, although I find I need some new lyric-less music. Any recommendations?

  12. Oh boy did you hit the nail on the head!


  13. I'm finding that my problem isn't so much a lack of inspiration as it is my moping about. My crafting plans keep getting scuppered (it's been one illness after the other in this house these last couple of months), then when I finally do get a moment it just isn't flowing. I think I need to just get back into the habit of ragularly crafting, but all these enforced breaks are stopping me from getting any momentum going. I need a deadline and some motivation...

  14. I often take off all the expectations from me [when I'm losing the mojo, that is] and just let me be. And yes. he's coming when I'm not looking for him.

    And I love very idea you wrote here, I think I should try music more often.

  15. Thanks for the timely post, Maya.

    I have to second taking the camera out to nature - a journal too, even if just to write down snippets of thoughts to come back to later.

    I've been sorting through all of my usual inspiration and filtering for what I want for RIGHT NOW: cutting back on blog reading; choosing just a few projects; eliminating the 'noise' that clutters up my thoughts.

  16. Playing, taking good care and creating good to hear an affirmation that these call back that creative muse.

    I would add sleep and a good omega supplement-oh and exercise...ok maybe not sure about the exercise-just hoping it will bring back the creative muse...

  17. I love the list! Thank you! AND I love that font! What is it? :) Thank you!

  18. Oh, my! I thought I was reading my own thoughts on your blog today! Wow! I could have written this post. Thanks so much for sharing! :)