Tuesday, November 8, 2011

wool experiments

wool felt
I've been playing with a new to me kind of wool. It feels like both a luxury and a necessity to take some time to experiment.  I had tea with my friend Kate a few weeks ago... you know Woolen Moss Kate, and she showed me the most amazing slippers that she had made out of the wool felt from her very own sheep. I was so impressed and said she must make them an offering in her shop.(And she did... and they're right here!) I was also curious if she had more wool felt that I could see and touch. One thing led to another, and I went home with a sheet of gorgeous natural organic wool felt... from sheep around my freakin' corner! Yay for shepherdesses! I've been oggling it for days. I just couldn't cut into it until I knew what it would be. Well, enough of that! I finally cut out two squares for playing.We all need to work on that  "too precious to cut" stuff that holds us back.
wooly felt
I just had to see how it felt on my machine and in my hands and with a rotary cutter. I loved the contrast of red that Kate's slippers had. I love splashes of red with all of my neutrals. I cut up a few triangles from an old red suit and played with pin tucks.
wool experiment
wool felt 3
wool felt 2felt work 1
I don't quite know where it's going. And that's the point.
 Experimenting- it really is a necessity!
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  1. Wow, Maya. This looks like it's going great places! I really love those pin tucks and then the bright red trianlges?! Love it. Looking forward to seeing more! I've been playing with collaging fabric scraps and incorporating metal bits and pieces. Hooray for experiments!

  2. hey maya,

    i just want you to know, that i linked to your countdown calendars tutorial on my blog.
    i hope you agree.

    thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    best wishes, doro K.

  3. Beautiful wool - that caught my eye! I had to laugh at the 'too precious to cut' idea - I think I suffer from that too.

  4. I have stuff that is too good to use. I need to be brave like you and make something memorable. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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  6. I love the "moral of the story" Experimenting is a necessity. I think I'll start experimenting a lot. I some how happened onto your blog a while ago, and I've been following. Keep up the good work.

  7. My mom and I were just talking about the "too good to use" stash of supplies that we both have. Her pile is fabrics and mine includes all kinds of supplies including paints, wood pieces, fabric, paper, felt... obviously something I must work on!
    Please photograph the masterpiece when it's done!
    ~ joey ~

  8. such a good lesson maya! i suffer terribly from the *too precious* mentality... the more i love a fabric or yarn, the less likely i am to ever use it! and i don't play and experiment nearly enough. thanks for the reminders!