Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wednesday wip

Leaf experimenting quickly turned into carving... more tomorrow.

I don't often post on Wednesdays anymore, but I just wanted to pop in and send a big hug to all of you that purchased a pattern yesterday... and while I was sleeping! Oh my! Thanks so much... the energy of so many folks sewing and organizing is almost intoxicating. I love it and now am feeling the urge to make some more buckets, myself.
See you tomorrow! Pin It


  1. I've been playing with leaves too! The other night I decided a recycled notebook needed to be stamped with a I carved one. It makes me so happy & grateful that I have all the tools and supplies I needed to do that, all together and handy so I can scratch that crafty itch immediately!

  2. Ah stamp carving! Another stream I'd love to dip my toes in when I have more creative energy! I've been lacking the drive to start projects lately. I made an effort last night with a little zip bag and a Christmas ornament, and plan to work up to your lovely buckets! Thanks so much for your kind p.s. on my order, I feel the same when I see your name in my inbox! :o)
    Hugs, and wishing you a very creative day!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Can't wait to see your new leaf stamps Maya! xox Corrin

  4. I love your leaf rubbings. The detail is lovely.