Tuesday, November 22, 2011

simple nature wreath

Look what I gathered beneath dark clouds. They were wrapped around the branches of one of our locusts and when I yanked, they fell to the ground in one round coil. These wild grapevines were begging to be this year's wreath. I listened to them.
They asked to be tied gently but firmly with garden jute so that they could keep their nice circular shape. The strands of jute invited dried seeds, rose hips, and spiky thistles to be tucked in between the strands. A gorgeous skeleton of a tomatillo husk stuck to the thistles like velcro.
Pine cones were secured between a few vines and it was done. Wow! This was my easiest and most satisfying wreath to date. It might just be the prettiest one, too.
grapevine wreath
What do you have lying about... whether it be in your recyling bin, scrap basket, or backyard? If you listen to the materials and honor their properties, I bet you'll find a simple and lovely wreath just waiting to be made. Pin It


  1. ohh a beautiful cristmas!Your door will be the best!

  2. Great wreath! Glad you were listening to nature.

  3. Love it! I want one. Will have to go and see what our garden offers up in the morning. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful. So muted and rustic, while still being festive.


  5. Your last line was so interesting..."What do you have lying about". My post today just happened to be about using what I have in my scrap basket to make what I need.

    And, last week I gathered bits from the yard to make a little arrangement in my house. Pine cones in a bowl, with branches, leaves and pods coming out the top.

  6. That's beautiful! Thanks for the fun idea.

  7. This is my favorite of all the wreathes I've seen so far. Simply perfect!!

  8. how beautiful! Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving.

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