Thursday, November 3, 2011

seasons- the book

seasons 1
On a beautiful summer day, I opened this utterly captivating children's book called Seasons. My mother had placed it invitingly in a quiet corner by a window. Her good friends had brought it as a gift, knowing that she would appreciate the beautiful design and incredible illustrations by French artist Blexbolex. It captivated all of us, adults and children alike, with each simple, yet evocative page. If you live amidst the seasons, each picture tastes of something familiar. Every page represents an archetypal image of the rhythms of the year and cycles of nature. When we are knee deep in summer or winter, it's often hard to feel anything other then the heat of the dog days or the chill of frozen breath. I lived without seasons for most of my life, so I can't seem to get over the extremes of where I live today- the beauty (and sometimes intensity) of waking up to a first snow or watching an early crocus open. There are just so many "firsts" when there are seasons. I marvel at each of these beginnings as if I've never seen them before. Some I excitedly wait for, others come before I'm ready.

But come they do... and although it may feel like we are just along for nature's ride, we don't have to be a captive audience. Diving into each month with the work and play that represent the turning of the calendar has its thrills. For instance, today we dusted off the ice skates. In November? Why yes, ice skating lessons begin in early November around here. Ice skates made me think of this book, and reminded me that I had yet to share it with you.
seasons 2

Let's peek inside:
seasons 3
seasons 5
seasons 6
When I was looking for a link and some info about the book, I discovered this little video that I think you'll enjoy!

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  1. Love this! I collect picture books - I'll be on the lookout now for Seasons.

  2. Oh, want a lovely book!! I am a girl of the seasons having grown up with them and still now living amongst them. They are beautiful and I love the way this book captures it!
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks for this beautiful moment!

  4. The perfect book, and a lovely picture of the open window.

  5. That's beautiful - very special artwork.. Just right to sit with and be immersed in for a while.

  6. What a lovely book! It would make a wonderful gift.

  7. wonderful book..I see if I find it in the bookstore