Saturday, November 19, 2011

gratitude reminders

gratitude prompts
I cut out the printed leaves with the plan to write on the back of them. As we near Thanksgiving, we always take time to acknowledge what we are grateful for. Writing it down reinforces it for all of us, but this year I thought about creating some prompts- ones that could be read out loud at the dinner table now or any time of year.
Here are some others I've been writing down to go with the two above:
-I am grateful for (each member of the family) especially when he/she _______.
-I appreciate the sun because________.
-I love the moon because__________.
-I'm thankful for this insect and this is why____________.
-I'm grateful to the Earth because_____________.
-I love my body and am grateful that it can______________.
-I'm thankful for my home because_____________.

This is a good start, but I bet you can think of one or two I've missed. If so, please share in the comment section. I've got a few leaves left that need filling! The gratitude bucket I gave you a peek at yesterday is the perfect place to store our thankful reminders.
leaf bucket

There's been so much bucket-making action (all over the world!) that I wanted to make a new one, too. I used the patten from the medium round burlap bucket and eliminated handles. I printed two pieces of stiff linen ( formerly a linen blazer) for the outer layer. Linen takes ink so beautifully it makes me weak in the knees! Versacraft stamp ink is my favorite for carved stamps on fabric. It's permanent once it's been heat set. Do an Etsy search under supplies to find the colors you'd like. The interior is just a section from an old drop cloth, a few paint splatters are a reminder of its former job.

I had no idea how much inspiration I'd gain from last weekend's simple walk in the oak forest... thanks for joining me as I followed my "oak arrow". Pin It


  1. Maya, such a sweet idea. Especially love the burlap bucket printed with your stamps--love the little quirks in each stamp due to natural differences. Beautiful!

  2. Your oak leaves were full of inspiration. They just keep on giving. I was inspired to keep a keener eye out when I am around nature, maybe I'll find some treasures.

  3. I love your new bucket. It is absolutely beautiful.

  4. We have a similar Thanksgiving tradition (which I think will be stepped up a notch after seeing these!) and it's so fun to read what we were previously thankful for! My son's list always seems to include food!
    Happy Holidays my friend!
    ~ joey ~

  5. What a lovely idea. I'm going to remember this for my little cousins.

    Love the bucket! Thanks for the tute link.

  6. Love it! Your little burlap basket is awesome too.

  7. Beautiful ideas! I think I would add: I am thankful for the stranger who.... although, there must be a nicer way of saying 'stranger'.

  8. hey I am so excited to find your blog with so many great and creative ideas! I'm a new follower now and excited to see your future posts. I've also added you to my creative list directory page for great sites. I'd love for you to check out my blog if you have time! have a great day.


  9. Maya, this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. And your basket is lovely.

  10. As always, a lovely idea and fodder for old traditions expressed in a new and sweet way.

    Here's one:
    "The rain gives us ______ and for this we are grateful."

    Emily (in rainy Oregon)

  11. your leaves are wonderful and they look gorgeous on your bucket. Thank you for sharing the sort of ink you like. We are nearing Autumn once again.