Monday, October 24, 2011

fall flames

It was just my kind of weekend. Saturday was cold and gray. The kind of day where the wood stove cranks, and we all find ways to do our work close by. We burn wood three out of the four seasons, and the very best part is how my family gathers together. My son would definitely be up in his room doing homework if not for the cozy temptation of the fire. My daughter set up a new mini crafting table and set to work. My husband folded the laundry as close as possible, and even though I did sweep the entire house... I mostly just circled the stove!
 crafting by the stove
The following day was filled with gorgeous blue skies and a different kind of autumn fire(the glorious maples)... and out we tumbled to bask in our other favorite kinds of flames...

Stop on back tomorrow, my daughter will be sharing a little how to... Pin It


  1. I love your hand made broom. What is it about a broom that invokes love, I love my broom too...and the wood stove which started cranking yesterday too. Ah we are moving toward the dark time, the creative womb. xox Corrine

  2. So cozy! I would love a house with a fireplace! Our weekend was closer to the 90sF so not even a fake fire for us!

  3. Stunning trees! I could stare up at that view forever. How do you get anything done with that outside?

  4. So cozy!
    I can't wait to see what your talented daughter has come up with for us to see!!!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Beautiful flames....both kinds. Sounds like it was a perfect fall day.

  6. Beautiful! Looks like your daughter is making a corn husk doll with yarn. I'm going to mention that to my girl, she'll love it!

  7. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? So nice to see Fall. We're green most of the time.

  8. My girls often get reinspired when it cools down outside, drawing together again.

  9. Simply gorgeous colors. I so miss having a wood stove.