Friday, September 9, 2011

philosophical friday

Yesterday took me by surprise. As much as I missed my children, I was very ready to get to work on that second day back to school. Nope. Flooding closed all roads, and schools were canceled for our entire region. Really? Really. The skies were clear when we woke up, so I was shocked and they were disappointed beyond belief. It was a grouchy, grumpy morning. For all of us! Time to head outside.
Oh that's better- just what we needed! And here's what I learned... when life gets a little stormy, put on your boots and jump in the puddles. Why not embrace it as this little splasher did so well! (couldn't get her out of that puddle)
puddle- pool
Yup that's metaphor #1 for today.
My second lesson came in the afternoon as I watched my daughter's newly achieved prowess on two wheels. I'm so darn proud of her! She had been wanting to take off her training wheels for far too long, but couldn't get to that next step. Knowing this, her best friend lent us a strider with these famous words "it'll only take ya 3 days!" I wasn't exactly skeptical, but didn't want to set my daughter's expectations to high.
Well, these no pedal balance bikes are miraculous balance teachers! They are a bit pricey for the short amount of time you'll use one, so I was happy to borrow it. And guess what? She was ready to take off her training wheels on day 2 with the strider! After a week of practice, she is now officially a biker! Holy cow!
2wheelin' it!
So, metaphor #2:
If you're ready to take off your "training wheels" (so to speak), don't hesitate in finding the right tools to help you meet your goal. Hmmm. That's all for my philosophical Friday, folks! Off to catch up on the time lost well spent yesterday!
My new biker!

photos via instragram and my shaky hand as  I chased beside her!  Pin It


  1. Yup... Strider's are the way to go. We couldn't get our kids going on bikes until a cycling friend said - just take off the pedals: "They will be cycling in a weekend." He was right, just couldn't believe it!!! Now we have a strider and my "pre-cyclists" literally fly on it!!! Hope you have a fun weekend... Can't believe you had a day off school for the rain... wow that's a lot of rain!!! Year we just have a steady drip.

  2. love it. we ventured out today too in spite of the grey and rain and discovered it was PERFECT for a hike. happy weekend. no doubt we will dry up very soon!

  3. oh, please send some of your rain down here. We are literally burning up in Austin. It sometimes feels like it's only feast or famine with mother nature these days. And, how funny, i just ordered my kiddo a strider as a birthday present! Nice to see a "real world" review of it!

  4. I've never seen a strider, only those wooden balance bikes that look so different from a normal bike. I can see the Strider working so much better for a kid that wants a 'proper' bike.

    Looks like the perfect way to enjoy the rain!

  5. Splashing in mud puddles and learning to ride a bike ~ boy, you are making some memories this week! I had not heard of this contraption called the strider. Mine learned the good old fashioned way! But it took them a long time! I think they were the last in their grade!

  6. Those are some fantastic pictures! You certainly do live in an area that has extreme weather...amazing!

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  8. Puddles are so much fun! Your blog is so inspiring and lovely, thank you for sharing. Do you mind telling what kind of camera you use?

  9. My two eldest learned how to ride without their training wheels this summer. My 6 year old daughter jumped on, wobbled a bit, fell down, got back on and tamed that 8 year old son was nervous, and clingy and ever so whiney...but with time and perseverance...and a lot of patience on my part...he too mastered it. My third child is 3 and we were thinking about a strider for her (she has a little nervous personality like her older brother) and she could then pass it down to the youngest when he is ready too. :)

  10. Those puddles are amazingly deep! Your kids look almost swallowed up.
    So good to turn what seems like a disappointing day into philosophical inspiration!

  11. When life gives you lemons.....
    make lemonade or lemon meringue pie or lemon cookies or splash in puddles or learn to ride without training wheels.


  12. Way to turn that day around. We always find that some outside helps chase away the grumps too :)

  13. Love the action shots - especially the very "wet" water shot! :)
    I had no idea those balance bikes were so good. Might have to look into one for Mr. Almost-4. Thanks! :)

  14. Great post! Over here all kids start with striders usually at age 2 or 3 and training wheels are not very common anymore. Funny how that's different! Well, we've got rain today, so I see some rain boots coming today...

  15. Just want to second Swenjas post: balance bikes/striders between 2-3 and they start cycling between 3-4 with easy and confidence in a couple of days (no training wheels!). Seems to be a pretty German/European approach though. --- Love your blog!

  16. My girl is about the same age and only just learned to ride without training wheels, too. We took the pedals and training wheels off of her bike and let her stride that way. She was riding regularly within 24 hours! Amazing, isn't it? And your sandbox post, below...mine still loves the sandbox. There is something so soothing about it!