Monday, September 19, 2011

touch down

The surface
 Landing. Re-entry.  I returned from New Hampshire last night, and I'm doing my best to regroup softly. It was a big week. Huge. It seems that my experience of Squam Art Workshops gets richer and deeper each time. How blessedly amazing is that!? Finding the words in this state of exhaustion and bliss is too hard. So let's try again tomorrow, shall we? Until then... I send you hopes for sweetness in the week ahead. If you were one of the lovelies that were lakeside with me, know that I'm missing you so much... I wish you gentleness and grounding. Pin It


  1. Can't wait to hear about it! I blogged about the book and little notebook you sent me for the giveaway, Thank you again! Having a giveaway of my own as well.


  2. the water looks like chocolate!
    saw Lizzy and Betz out west - missed you, but know it was fantastic at Squam! xo

  3. Squam is a little bit of heaven and you, one of it's angels.

  4. Hello dear Maya -

    My landing was a little quicker than I liked, but I keep coming back to my experience in your class and the blessings and peace it left with me. Thank you so much ~

    Wishing you warmth...