Tuesday, September 27, 2011

spirit boxes part 2

Here is a little taste of the day at Sugar House and teaching how to make Spirit Boxes. Read part 1 here. The classroom was filled with materials that  were ripe with meaning... dictionaries and maps mingled with perfect odds and ends.  I loved seeing bits of my collections nestled in with the special pieces each person was invited to bring.
spirit boxes
In the morning I led a guided meditation to discover our perfect fantasy studio. With those thoughts fresh, everyone got to work making tool boxes to hold our favorite pens, brushes, etc.  We warmed up, got messy, and began the process of opening. Everyone shared from their stash and encouraged one another. I felt so blessed to have Corrine return to take a workshop with me again! She warmed up the room with her generous spirit, which can only be matched by her endless creativity (and great bear hugs!).
corrine's tool box
Here's her fantastic invention: the vintage spool "latch" on her box.
corrine's spool closure

indian block printing
 Kathy's quiet, lovely ways always pulled me in like a magnet. Above she creates a pattern with an old wooden Indian block (that she brought!). This paper would soon cover her tool box. And below Deedee focuses intently... she had the most beautiful collection of rusty found objects from her desert walks. She radiated the wild California Country she treasure hunts in.  I feel so fortunate to have spent such rich time with this amazing group of women. I felt it then and am reminded how much I loved each one of them as I look through these photos, now. I'm so grateful I remembered to take some... it's not always easy when caught up in the moment.
dede's concentration
Here are several close shots (some without the maker's beautiful faces... only so that you can look deeper inside "their box). Honestly, they need to be checked out in person along with the narrative of each artist. There is so much to SEE and FEEL within each frame... and often along the floors and walls of each BOX. But here's a glimpse...
Nicole and her Dragonfly spirit melded right into the woods...
Lovely Heather held her waterfall in her hands as her bird took wing...
Kim's egg like opening beckons... a peek into her cabinet of curiosities illustrates her keen eye for the most intriguing images and found papers... ever!
house and home
 Oh Emily, filled with sisterhood (now and then) with a deep knowing of what is a house and where is home... (with her very own "house" fabric printed by spoonflower, of course!)
And Lissa, who honored the very best of the RE words from my old dilapidated dictionary with her animal totems shining fiercely. Yes, Lissa FIERCELY... that hare knows just where it's going. Return, Redeem, Restore, Renew, Remind...
Truth seekers, risk takers, and beauty makers! Every. One . Of. Them!
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  1. These are amazing! I love the variety and creativity. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for taking us to Squam once again! It looks like such a magical place!

  3. This is so absolutely cool to see the whole class presented like this! It brings me right back to that sweet Sugar House and I was so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you and take your class. Corrine definitely guided me in the right direction when she recommended it to me.
    I have decided that my box will reside at our camp in Maine where my soul runs deep.
    xoxo Kim

  4. You are so sweet to show us all. I can feel the energy of everyone there including you holding us all in sacred space. Amazing women creating from their authentic hearts! It was a honor to take a class with you. xox Corrine

  5. love these. there is something so profound about these cavelike spaces. reminds me of an art project we did with a local latina organization in town. if interested, check it out: www.mamaforpeace.blogspot.com/2010/02/shrine-making-at-la-casita-center.html and www.mamaforpeace.blogspot.com/2010/02/love-shrines.html

  6. thank you for sharing this bit of your spirit boxes class...and a little bit of squam. lovely.
    i am dreaming of some time at squam myself some day...