Friday, September 30, 2011

sneak peeks and updates!

shop update
How can it already be the last day of September? Well, when you pack a month with out of town guests, school beginnings, art workshops and a fair (and the prep and sewing that precede them), milestone birthdays, and the editing adventures of your first book... well, it does seem to fly by in a blur. October has been nearly glowing beneath the pages in my calendar, and when I turn the page tomorrow I expect I may even here trumpets blowing and glimpse a fireworks display! October is filled with so much excitement: happy and long awaited announcements, my biggest bucket giveaway,  and a new pattern... that will be FREE! Oh yes, and there will be my first shop update in far too long. Not a huge one, but
I have several beatiful items that I brought back from the Squam Art Workshops that will be for sale in my etsy shop at noon EST on Tuesday October 4th. If you've ever wanted one of my burlap buckets I'll have three or four with gorgeous typography. I also have one left of the large natural ones that's made from a favorite thrift score- a heavy linen/hemp blend fabric. It's easy care (washable) and would make a great addition to a natural/green nursery. Along with  a few garlic sacks, you'll have the makings of some very nice early holiday shopping! There will be other items too... notebooks and banners. These two banners have traveled with me to June and Fall Squam and both times they've  hung in my workshops. They have been infused with creative energy and I would like to make  them available to someone who not only finds the words inspiring, but wishes to have a little bit of that Squam magic in their home! So have a great fall weekend folks... I'll see you in October!
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  1. these all look great! (and super excited about your book!) here's to october being a bit calmer. you deserve time to breathe!

  2. Hello,
    Ah, I love the banners and the notebooks. Just super Cute and Inspiring. I will be checking back in your Etsy shop for new items. Love your goods!
    Smiles, Paula

  3. Thanks so much, Paula! Please do!

    PeaceMama- Thanks for your sensitivity to the hustle bustle.I used to breathe so well, looking forward to finding my long lost breath.

  4. Wow! October sounds so exciting. Can't wait. And I love, love, love the make banner. It's on my list!

  5. Sounds like a busy time for you. Perhaps a peak at our moment will relax you a bit...!?!
    Have a restful weekend Maya!

  6. How did I miss that Spain bucket, NICE! So are the stamps. xox Corrine