Friday, September 23, 2011


flying 1
Thank you all for your birth*day wishes for my boy teenager! I just wanted to share a few words and pictures from what can only be described as transformational... for both child and parents.
flying 4
Giving our son the opportunity to live out a dream and literally fly above his everyday world was the perfect right of passage.
flying 3
above our beloved Taughannock Falls
I thought that I would be terrified and paralyzed left on the ground. I was so wrong. The sight of him in such a place of strength and joy was beyond anything I had anticipated. Bliss.
flying 2
My brave husband was tucked into the tiny backseat, the pilot sat beside him, but for most of the flight... that boy of mine FLEW!! Helping to give birth to your child's dream is powerful medicine, indeed!

*Note: This was a Discovery Flight (could it have been more aptly named?) with the East Hill Flying club. Read about it here.
Julie left an amazing comment in the last post about Harris Hill Soaring Center, and we will be investigating it further. Thank you Julie! Pin It


  1. How wonderful for him to take the step into his dreams!

    I agree so much with letting children take their steps to explore who they are & their passions.

    May he continue to grow and expand his "wings" in the years to come :)

  2. What an amazing gift! A perfect "rite of passage" and a day he'll remember always.

  3. I love how you celebrated your little Libra Air Boy. Giving him his wings is the perfect rite of passage. He will never ever forget that moment of taking flight...xoxo

  4. My 13 yo son also loves anything to do with flight and dreams of one day flying a black hawk helicopter for the marines. Even if you son is not interested in the military, you may want to look into the Civil Air Patrol, they have a wonderful cadet program!