Monday, August 29, 2011

melancholy monday

 Good morning friends!
Hope today finds you dry, safe and well. Although the sun is shining brightly right now, yesterday's storm kept us cozy inside with a pot of soup and a cake in the oven... a definite taste of the cooler months ahead. Summer is coming to a close.We said goodbye to my mother after her long and wonderful stay. Heartbreaking for each of us. And now I get ready to say goodbye to the long leisurely mornings for my children and all of the other dreamy, slow qualities of this season. This is my last full week of having them home with me, and I intend to soak it up.
This weekend I found myself:
staring at their happy bare toes and sun-kissed shoulders
inhaling their tousled hair scented with the perfume of days spent outdoors
I'm etching into memory how they look and smell and feel in my arms right this moment, because come October we cover up to keep warm. The next time I'll see my children so wild and free, they will be that much bigger. Oh, the ache that comes from watching a life unfold. A longing to slow it down. Please. This photo captures so much for me that I struggle to find the words... I think it's that feeling we all get when we observe someone we love while they are unaware. The full depth of our love washes over us for a moment like a big sigh.
last days
And this gorgeous bouquet? It's the last one my mother picked at the farm... beautiful just like her. I think I'll head over to the barn and scoop it up for my own kitchen table before the petals droop too much.
mom's bouquet
Oh, the bittersweetness of a life full of love. I DO feel very blessed even (or maybe especially) in the midst of my melancholy Monday.
Ah, I think I just figured out the title to this morning's post...
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  1. You have captured the beauty of late summer here so poignantly.


  2. What a gorgeous bouquet, and I love your words.
    Although I'm trying to make Mondays a happier place, not melancholy! :) Happy Monday!

  3. Beautiful Post... We are longing for summer!!!

  4. This made my eyes well up! Lovley post, you have a great way with words.

  5. Your words wrapped perfectly around my same thoughts giving voice and clarity to feelings that are so hard to describe. Your writing is beautiful.

  6. It sounds like a lot of endings have come your way...but think of all the new beginnings as well!? Autumn is such a beautiful season, I love to soak up the warm, rich cozy colours and textures!
    We keep our schedule very slow so that the transition is gentle! I'm not ready for school to start either, but they love it so I'm happy for that!
    Big hugs for all the moms going through this right now! You're not alone Maya!
    ~ joey ~

  7. You are the first person that I ever heard talking about (besides me) that feeling of "not seeing our kids skin" for a long while until they are much older. I always feel that way after summer is gone, and then again I feel the surprise when the heat arrives and Zoe gets to show her arms, legs, bare feet and neck. Love it!

  8. Your lovely, poignant post brings back so many memories. My children are grown now with families of their own, but that doesn't mean that my remembrance of this time of year has faded.
    Change is hard, but good things come.
    Take care, Ellen.
    p.s. My grandchildren are picking blackberries as I type this. They came in to get a bigger container and brought a beautiful abandoned bird's nest to their Gammy.
    Oh Joy mixed with melancholy.

  9. It seems like summer, and your mom, only just arrived...

  10. Endings and Beginnings . . . always bittersweet. Especially as we watch our family grow.

  11. that was so beautifully said, i felt a little choked up about the kids! we too cover up for a large part of our year and our children will be so much older, and bigger and different then. and time marches on.

  12. Wonderful. Such true thoughts, I think only mama's feel this ache of missing their children, even while they are right there. Treasure every second.

  13. a beautiful post, if summer could linger a little while longer.....

  14. I so appreciated the sensitivity of all of your loving comments. Thank you!

  15. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post. Well done. Smiles, Paula

  16. "Oh the ache that comes from watching a life unfold" Wow, that sentence just nailed it for me this week Maya. As I watch my children prepare for the first days of high school and middle school I am blown away by how fast time is flying and feeling pretty melancholy myself :) Lovely post..