Friday, August 19, 2011

Madison Bouckville

While I was thrifting zippers, my mother was thrifting at Madison Bouckville our favorite annual antique extravaganza. I wasn't able to go with her this year, but she called me frequently and sent photos so that I felt semi-transported to those fields of vintage heaven. I had put in two requests: wooden crates and a large cast iron frying pan. At the end of the day, her little pick up truck reminded me of a peddler's wagon pulling up in front of the house... we all went racing out to see what treasures she had hauled.
Checking out grandma's haul.
I'll share more after I take some pics, but here's a peek. The crates... oh, they were even better than any I could have dreamed up!

 I'm sending you all some good *thrifting*rescuing*finding* mojo for the weekend ahead! Pin It


  1. Ok, I am having some serious crate envy down here! I have a few wooden picking crates that I use as book shelves and I love them.xx

  2. I love those dreamy crates! BUT, did you get the cast iron pan?

  3. Tomorrow we're off to Salt Spring Island a little island between Vancouver Island and the BC Mainland, home to BC's more eccentric, nature loving individuals! I fit right in there! ;o) Going to duck into every Thrift Shop I see!
    ~ joey ~

  4. I love that description of the peddlar's wagon. I can just imagine your excitement :-)
    I'm in a decluttering/repurposing phase at the moment - thrifting in my own loft :D

  5. I am loving on those crates. Thanks for the good thrifting wishes. I do so want to find something good that isn't books (Have found LOTS of those in the past 2 years).
    I love the descriptives you used in this post. Very Alive. :)

  6. Love that image of a peddler's wagon. Like you, I am also on the hunt for a large cast iron fry pan, having recently discovered the joy of cooking with cast iron myself.

  7. When I was a kid (growing up in upstate NY), we would go through Madison and Bouckville all the time. It's sweet to see your post - old memories relived!