Monday, August 15, 2011


I hadn't planned on abandoning my virtual home for most of last week, but suddenly it was just time and I've learned to trust when reserves are low, something must go. I'm so fortunate that my mother took me (and my daughter) under her wing while I replenished myself. Good food and laughter truly work wonders. I've also been fed by lots of mini trips to the lake. Water is my favorite element.  Dropping my son off at sailing camp in the early mornings became a special ritual all week long.
sailing camp
My daughter and I made sure to dip in our toes, collect smooth stones and admire the jewels that the sun created along the lake's surface.
stones and jewels
These smooth lake stones are the very ones that my children used for creating pendants... stone jewels at their wilderness camp.
stone necklace 1
With a primitive handmade tool constructed from barbed wire and a stick, they slowly, patiently rolled that drill between their palms until a hole was born. Love this! I want to make one too. On my quest to find out more about primitive hand tools, I discovered this amazing site which I can't wait to explore more, and I thought you might enjoy too.
Happy Monday! I'm back!
p.s. That top photo is my favorite house on our road. Pin It


  1. Beautiful photo - lovely flowers! You are lucky to have so many wildflowers everywhere you look. We are just too hot way down here in the South to be able to enjoy the plentiful flowers that you have.

  2. I have been looking for smooth stones for just that reason. They do make lovely necklaces.

  3. Lovely post, I think the necklace is fab! and the house is gorgeous!

  4. I live on the Bering Sea cost in Alaska, and you can find stones like that on the beach that already have holes in them. They just wash up on the beach that way- no need to drill! They are very popular up here for necklaces and are often adorned with wire and small beads as well. Can't wait to go beachcombing to find some!

  5. your favorite house looks magical!
    as does the photo of the boats ..I love the stone necklace .. hand drilled..Really???? wow!

  6. I looked all over that site for the directions to make the drill, but the places I looked didn't turn it up. Could you tell us the name? Thanks.

  7. Hi Jane,
    I never found any how to for the drill my children described, but I just discovered the site while hunting for it. It's a wonderful resource, nonetheless. I'm still looking for hand drill directions...

  8. I would love to know how to drill rocks as well! I have diamond drill bits to drill beach glass and shells but I don't think that they would work on stone?!
    Please let us know if you find some instructions!
    Love the house too!

  9. What a great looking pendant - who would have thought that barbed wore and a stick would work so well

  10. that rock pendant is amazing!
    so glad you got to recharge a bit.
    i am feeling that need myslef lately.