Friday, June 10, 2011

review: Action Pack Great Outdoors

Post image for Action pack: Issue 4 {June + July 2011} The Great Outdoors Mega Issue

There will be more Squam related posts next week, but I thought I'd send you off with a camp experience we can all share... right now. I am so happy  thrilled to introduce Action Pack's latest issue: The Great Outdoors. Kathreen, superhero of fame, has put together a wonderful collection of activities, crafts and recipes for each issue of her stellar kids E-zine Action Pack.

But this latest one...OH MY WORD! This issue is over the top, insanely GOOD! It's the MEGA issue for June/July and it's completely awesome. 

Maybe I'm biased... I grew up thinking summers were about cooking over fires you make by yourself, foraging for food and nature's treasures, and staying out all day under a canopy of trees. This issue is akin to a handbook for a wild nature/survival camp. With one issue, you'll have all you need for summer adventure.

*Disclaimer: Kathreen was generous enough to send me a copy to review, but this enthusiasm of mine is pure and genuine... I have not been this excited about anything in the child activity arena in memory. It's really that good. And to give you a taste, I've included  some details from Action Pack's site, and then I recommend just heading over and getting ready for summer fun. 
From Action Pack-
"In this pack you will find:
Campfire cooking recipes, Weather science experiments and Outdoor art projects.
- This Action Pack also has a super great section on Boredom busting games for car trips and rainy days. And we know there are plenty of those at holiday time.
- This Action Pack has a lovely big section on crafts: Including detailed instructions on how to make a must-have utility belt and bag , flower press and nature journal to take along on your nature excursions with you, and nature jewels and a woven fly swat that you can make while camping or hiking, from materials you can find along the way.
- This Action Pack also has a whole section on adventure and survival. Including how to make your own fish trap, fishing rod, how to safely light a campfire and detailed illustrations on how to tie seven different knots that just might save your life!

And here's a freebie- a project excerpt: 
"Make your own Fish Trap using a juice bottle
Download the project excerpt on making your own Fish Trap using a juice bottle. Not only is this a great project for when you are camping, it’s a terrific weekend and holiday project too – if you live near a creek or pond, give this a try – it’s heaps of fun and you never know what you will catch when you come back the next day to check on your trap. The beauty of this trap is that the fish are not harmed – you can let them go if you like, or you can observe and study them for a while, or if you are keen on fishing you might catch some fishies perfect as bait to catch that next big fish!"

Kathreen, I am so grateful for your contribution to today's child. There is so much thought, ingenuity, wisdom, respect and creativity loaded into each issue. At a time when our older children are so vulnerable to the seduction of technology, you have created and intelligent and enticing alternative. Thank you!

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  1. LOVE this!
    I'm going to look into this for sure!
    Thanks for introducing us to another great product Maya!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Thank you Maya for the lovely words - we are trying our hardest to give our children a wonderful childhood to make them creative, independent, resilient and imaginative people.

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [11 Jun 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. Thankyou so much - this is just what I have been looking for! Have purchased all 4 issues :)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This sounds brillient - totally something my husband and boys would get into (me too for that matter!) I love ideas for kids to get them involved in things out doors where they should be playing! I can't wait to show hubby your post! :) Thanks Maya!