Monday, June 13, 2011


Happy Monday! How are you? We're all asked that so frequently, and most of the time the answer just tumbles from our mouths without much thought. But today,  I mean how are you REALLY?! Because I feel like my pat response of "fine and how are you" isn't cutting it this morning. I need to be truthful and don't want, nor feel able to hide behind a screen of surface chat. So I will share how I REALLY am on this start of the last full week of school before we embrace summer vacation.

I am really:
-Overwhelmed by how much I have to get done before my book's SECOND photo shoot (in two weeks!), but happy to have straightened up my work space so I can... go to it!

-Not having enough time to cook anything but boring, easy meals, but blissed out by the abundance of fresh that's finally available and makes everything feel extravagant... like my spontaneous date with my daughter last night when we realized that picking strawberries for dinner was a perfectly sound plan.
- Not feeling like I've completely touched down from Squam, but knowing that I will fully ground when I post just a few more bits and photos soon.

-Preoccupied and distracted with thoughts of my dear grandparents who are needing so much care these days, but grateful that I was able to hug and kiss and hold them on my recent trip to New Hampshire.

-Feeling a bit crazy as the calendar keeps getting more stuff squeezed in, but knowing that by month's end my mom arrives with her abundant energy and the helpful hands of my beautiful nieces... who are so BIG now!

-Aching to do some serious crafting with my kids, but grateful that the simplest ingredients (new set of markers from the supermarket, craft sticks, and big brother's graph paper) are often quite satisfying.
simple ingredients
-Longing for more time in my gardens, but trying to feel contented with my many perennials and wildflowers that need no more attention than a bit of admiration.
flowers for the stove

Writing it down here helped me to get some perspective... thank you. I'm a bit out of breath, on the tired side, but really and TRULY "I am fine". Good to know.

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  1. It looks like life is coming together nicely. I am fine. ha! I wish I had more tools. I wish I had hedge trimmers and wire cutters and things like that so I could make a little fence around my garden out of things that are stacked in the garage. Sometimes living across from a middle school is stressful. Well, tweens stress me out with their leaving trash in my yard all of the time (candy wrappers mostly) and one of them kicked and broke my backyard fence yesterday. I wish they were more aware of what they are doing. I'm excited, for the sunny days, garden harvesting, and new friendships to be made in a new town. I'm sending thoughts of extra time, calm, and happiness your way for the coming weeks.

  2. Jordan, Thanks for your honesty and good thoughts. Sounds like you have much to be excited about. Maybe a little sign on your fence for those tweeners. They don't often mean to be thoughtless/careless... they are going through one of the hardest adjustments in life and there awareness seems to go off and on for a couple of years.
    Happy gardening!

  3. Blogger ate my first comment. About right for a tired Monday morning!

  4. I'm happy, sad, excited, hesitant... all because my baby boy (first and only child) is turning one this week. My emotions are all over the place - and I've got a sinus infection. But I'm also hopeful - that the antibiotics will kick it in the butt and that we will all have a wonderful time on Saturday with friends, family, and loved ones from all over. So even though my head feels like it's going to explode, I am so excited for Saturday that it overshadows everything else! Thank you for asking! It sounds like you're doing a good job at being fine. :)

  5. I am finding it hard to touch back down after Squam as well, and I wanted (on that note) to thank you for such a wonderful printing class on Saturday morning. I was so happy to be there in that lovely space, doing what we were doing. And yesterday I did more printing with my 2 boys - we made some t shirts, and we had so much fun! (until I spilled blue paint all over my carpet.)

  6. Sorry Amy!

    Hang in there Jessie and feel better.
    Happy B-day!

    Crystal- it takes a while to regain our balance, doesn't it? So nice to share time with you at Squam! Sorry about the blue paint!

  7. I'm feeling much like I always do this time of year: a bit tired, overwhelmed and thankful that school is almost over for the year!
    I've been just trying to ensure that there's some "down time" in there somewhere and little chunks of time to create in between!
    Looking forward to summer weather, food, activities and balance!
    ~ joey ~

  8. How am I? Emotional. I miscarried this week. :( But finally feeling like I'm coming up for air today and back into the world of the living. Finding ways to heal and hoping for future babes.

  9. Feeling pretty good really. The weather was great and I got some bits in the garden done. I also had some lovely chats with several of my neighbours and watched a buzzard hunting near our house.... all that and I burst into tears over a disastrous dinner. Soddin' hormones. What you gonna do?

    @ Jenny - sorry to hear about your loss... had several mc's myself and now have a beautiful daughter and another on the way. I know it's hard now but do keep the hope!

  10. Maya, those photos of your nieces in their pillowcase dresses remain some of my all-time favorite images on your blog. So. Gorgeous. (As for how I am, I think "overwhelmed" and "up and down" are the shorthand answers. But muddling along.)

  11. Thanks so much everyone for your honesty. I sincerely wanted to hear how you were today.

    Joey- sounds like all of my faves of summer!
    Jenny- I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Thank you for sharing how you truly are today. Sending you thoughts of healing, from someone who knows just how deep the feeling of loss can be.

    KP that dinner might make for a good story, at least.

  12. Amy- I'll muddle along with you:)and those photos- my faves too... I haven't seen my nieces since then and have ached for those girls like you wouldn't believe. They are traveling half way around the world to see me... YAY!

  13. A smidge off topic, but do you (or anyone else, for that matter) know the name of the pink and yellow flowers in the picture? I'd love to have them in my yard. :)

    As for how I am...Relieved. Tired. Productive. Smiling. Worried. Comforted. Anxious.

  14. What a great way to look at life. I so understand the utter overwhelmedness as I like to call it. But also realizing it's a good overwhelmed and I am a lucky girl! Happy monday to you, can't wait to see this book!

  15. lowlow- the flowers are very much on topic! the pinks are zinnias and smell heavenly for the week that they blossom in June. the yellows grow on the side of the road and we call them buttercups.

  16. Thanks for asking! I'm fine. How's the family?

    You're right... so automatic. Honestly, I don't know how to answer because I feel like I've switched trains and don't recognize the scenery out the window. Can't account for it. Must be the change in the weather.

    @Jenny: I am right now giving you a big hug and praying for you. Healing takes time and some days will be better than others. You are not alone.

  17. I'm doing well. My standard answer, and, conveniently, the truth. A bit tired, and a bit unmotivated as of now, but I know the motivation will come soon, as it always does, and the tired is easily fixed (providing the kids let me). I always appreciate the honesty of your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  18. I always love your pictures and posts... both are colorful with undertones of happiness. Wishing your grandparents and your family the best, my dear.

  19. I am discontent. Lethargic. In need of being revitalized. Is it just that lull part of my monthly cycles or just a lull in my life? Blah Meh Ug.

  20. feeling a similar "overwhelm" as the school year winds down and there is so much to be wrapped up. Whew!
    Love your idea of picking strawberries for dinner though and I just may have to squeeze that in this week ! Sounds like a lovely idea to be away from phone and computer and get lost among the berries for a bit :)

  21. Yup.....Having one of those days where I just felt so stressed out that all I could do was sit on my bed and cry and cry and write through the tears and let it all out while the children tended to themselves and each other in the loungeroom. Way, way too much to do, not enough time to do it, feeling undervalued, under-appreciated and wondering how to get myself back on track. Thanks for asking....... oh dear, laughing now! Yup, it's one of those days alright.

    To Jenny, my heart goes out to you. I have had four miscarriages. Thankfully I was able to move past them with Chinese medicine and now have four beautiful children. So don't give up hope. Please.

  22. Hi Maya,
    writing it all down really does help me and also tidying my workspace and home. I can see more clearly once am unclutterred physically and am then able to addess the mental busyiness and focus better. talking bookwise, it is amazing how it all comes together in the end, but just remember also in this busy time to look after YOU. get adequate restful sleep, eat well and also cherish and enjoy moments that take you away from work (like the gathering of strawberries) to feed your soul & keep perspective.
    from a busy mama who has written craft books i really do emphathise.
    warmest wishes
    Ginny x

  23. p.s. forgot to answer your final question...
    i am well thank you.
    busy and a bit like you in trying to keep the focus and balance and to keep myself well. savouring every breather i get between the intense work periods and trying to keep feeling blessed and cheerful. oh and organisation and planning are key at the moment to fit it all in... you should see my diary! i also have an extra daughter at the moment as we have a 10 yr old french student living with us for 3 wks. it is good to be busy so long as enjoyment and real living are not affected. am doing well so far ...and looking forward to things getting a little calmer soon.xx