Monday, May 9, 2011


Morning sunlight streamed through our bedroom windows, and promised me a lovely day.
dewdrops in the sunrise
They knew just how I wanted to spend it-  together and right HERE, my favorite place in the universe especially in the spring.
Beds were cleared and readied for good May planting (peas please)!
And even though she was curious about what her favorite boys were talking about, close to my side is where she stayed. She drew flower gardens, while I planted them.
her work
But fruit blossoms beckoned us to inspect them...
plum blossoms
Future plums led to pears, and an orange sweatshirted boy cried for his mother to put the camera down and join them in the woods...
pear blossoms to be
Where care was taken around the familiar sink holes (mud)...
And a thoughtful dad lopped the sharp brambles to make the return trip less prickly
lopping the trail
Over the first bridge...
first bridge
And down to the creek we went
the creek
to let the water turn us all into kids again.
the second bridge
No matter how frigid the temperature, it inevitably seduces them in
over the boots
Boots filled and emptied several times over before we sloshed back to the house for hot baths and showers.
I couldn't have asked for more.

I hope yesterday offered just what you needed, as well!
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  1. Sounds like one of those beautiful memory-making days... Best wishes!

  2. Every time you post outside pictures like this, it makes me miss the east coast. When I was young I grew up on a camp ground and loved to go exploring. We didn't have a creek but we did have a mini forest and it was a lot of fun to just roam. It's something my children miss out on.

    That said, it's always nice to read your posts and I enjoy the appreciation you have for your surroundings. You never take anything for granted.

  3. Maya, you have a way with words that I really connect with. Your posts like this are a breath of fresh air - reminding us all how important it is to take some time out to appreciate the simple things in life - and what could we appreciate more than nature, the beautiful natural world that surrounds us, and family.

  4. Beautiful images! Amazing I would say!

  5. It is difficult to resist a stream, especially when one id wearing rubber boots. Sounds like a perfect day.

  6. It's not mother's day here until october, but Happy Mom's day to you, sweet Maya!
    It sounds like the perfect day, indeed.
    And what a paradise you live in!

  7. We went camping. So it was lovely indeed!

    Happy (late) Mother's Day- though if you count yesterday Mexican Mother's Day- I'm not all that far behind. Hehehe.

    Glad to know you had a lovely time.