Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a dandy hat

It's been dark and rainy since Sunday, but last week's string of sunny days is still keeping me going, so I thought I'd post a little more sunshine right here.
dandy hat
Of course, the dandelions arrived with the sun. So did a notice from my daughter's teachers- please bring hats for outside time. Hats! My girl has had a year of crazy growing. She's clearly got her daddy's genes and will be tall. Her sweet head has been growing too... maybe it's all that reading! Needless to say, no sun hat fit and sewing a new one was necessary. She picked out this rescued fabric from Sew Green and agreed that the Oliver + S pattern in  Little Things to Sew looked perfect.  It was a fairly quick project, but the request for the optional circular quilting (" just like my old one, Mama") did add a little time, and I ended up stopping before I went around the final loop so she could wear it in time for school. Thankfully, she didn't notice, and I have a feeling it will stay this way. I have some other fabric cut for a second... maybe it will be in time for the daisies which are next on the horizon. Well, after the rainclouds move on.
Have you been doing any summer sewing... to chase away the rainy day blues? I had too many commitments to join Elsie Marley's fabulous Kids Clothes Week Challenge, but I definitely read along and was inspired by many of the the great outfits folks were creating. Meg's Pinterest boards were a lovely distraction unto themself... and reminded me why I refuse hesitate to join Pinterest. Phew- is it a rabbit hole! I'm feeling guilty for even sending you over. Instead, I'm wishing you and me both productive and focused time. And with that, I think I'll sign off for the day.
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  1. Cute hat! I have to admit I LOVE pinterest but only get on once in a blue moon and that is mainly to keep track of ideas for the farm in NY and our remodel/renovation project here.

    Have a great week!

  2. I have been eyeing that hat pattern, or the book rather. :) I didn't participate in the kids clothing week either, but must have gotten inspired because I've sewn up two little pairs of pants for my nephew, 2 jumpers for my daughter, one top for my daughter, a pair of capris for my daughter, and a smock for my nephew ALL this week! I look at my pile needing the last hem done and buttons added and wonder where I found the time. Who while its good. :) I'm excited to put on the last tiny finishing touches and get those dresses on my daughter as we're both very anxious to see them on. :)

  3. That is a great hat (and especially pretty in front of the dandelion field)! I bet she loves it. Sun protection definitely doesn't have to be boring!

  4. this is so beautiful. Must be a fun day. Have to come back to see when they all turn whites. Field of wishes and hopes.

  5. It IS a dandy hat! She's a dandy hat picker. I've been spending the days sewing baby quilts for my two newest grandgirls. Bright colors for gray days.


  6. These hats are popping up everywhere! Just saw one on the lovely Wren Handmade and here are two of the FOUR I made for all my girls before we went to Kauai for Spring Break.
    The big girls all picked out their own fabrics which was such a fun experience in itself and they all declared that they are the best hats ever and never took them off.