Monday, April 18, 2011

don't forget to...

in and out
Each day we get a brand new chance... to live life well, embrace it fully, and give our best to the ones we love most. In the rush of checking off our overflowing to-do lists, this isn't always easy. My children are home all week with me, the to-do list is still there, but now it feels especially important to stay present. Inhale. Exhale. You know how much I love written reminders.The three words above are for us all to remember together.  I've stuck them to the fridge and jotted them down on the chalkboard...
Breath (deep ones)
Breathe (inhale. exhale.)
Breather (pause)

  Happy Monday! Happy new week!
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  1. cheers! needed the middle of spring break and an international move :) Happy Monday to you and enjoy your week.

  2. Happy week for you Maya! I'm downloading the words to print them and put them on my desk :)

  3. Such a great reminder. It's hard! But ultimately do-able. Thanks for reminding me to focus on what's most important. I will now get off the computer...:)

  4. Simple, true, feels good, and it works!

  5. yes! thank you for the reminder!!! i am such a shallow breather, i have to remind myself to stop and take bigger breaths!

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