Monday, February 7, 2011

heart pop up cards

love note
When I tuck my children into bed, say good bye to them, or even part with my husband... they often hear "Love you more than words can say." My mother said/says it to me. We pass these bits of love down the family tree, don't we... I'm sure you have a saying, too. I thought it would be sweet to put these words on everyone's nightstands on Valentine's day. Shhh. A little greeting when they open their eyes. Since my daughter had called the process of punching out her water color hearts "heart popping", I got the idea to make a couple of the extras into these pop up cards. Here's how:

  • I took a small rectangle of card stock (around 3x5) and created a crease at the midpoint with a bone folder.
  • A watercolor heart was pasted over the crease.
  • I cut out the heart to the crease with an xacto knife.
  • When I folded the card, that little heart popped right up!
more than words can say
Happy Monday!
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  1. What a sweet thing to wake up to on Valentine's Day.

  2. Oh my kids will be find that on Valentines morning. Theirs will say "I love you to the moon and back" Thank you for the great idea!

  3. This is a great and easy idea!! Love it!

  4. Lovely, just lovely..

  5. These are beautiful - We always say "Guess what?" And, guess what they say "You love me!" You've inspired me to do some of the knit hearts I just designed with that on them. Where oh where did you get that heart punch? I must have one - although I'm afraid I'll find hearts punched out of every book in the house! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's!

  6. Hi Anne- every time you comment... I think, "can't wait until June!" The heart punch was on sale at Michael's after Valentine's Day a few year's back. Watch out for books!

  7. cute and simple craft. perfect for our family! thanks for sharing.

  8. Great idea! Really like it and showed your idea incl. a
    picture in my blog. Hope that's ok with you! I will also show the cards I create.
    Have a nice weekend, greetings from Germany :)