Monday, February 14, 2011

daily love

v day
What a special day for a pink & purple loving 6 year old girl! As she donned her brother's old tie-dye, she exclaimed why can't every day be like this? Well, we all know the answer... it  CAN!  I think I'll slip more love notes onto nightstands. Feeling cherished from the moment their eyes flutter open is something I hope my children will always feel. Right now, I have an opportunity to ensure that.. to fill them up to the brim with all I've got.  I was happy to help my daughter spread some of that love to her friends today. Frilled pencils roll up so easily, and her little hearts were tied on just so with favorite yarn. It's a simple choice: to live each day with love as the focus. This morning as I sent her off into the world with a bouquet of love, I was reminded, once again... teaching this to my children is my most important work.
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  1. I completely agree! What a great sentiment. My husband is great at this. Always making little cards and notes. We all need to be more like this. So great you are teaching your kids this. I love those pencils. I want them for my desk. =)

  2. what a great belief to raise your kids by. i'm sure it will not only give them deep roots but also the biggest wings for whenever they need them! in my opinion, to express love is one of the most important things a little human can learn these days, in this world.
    happy valentines!

  3. Yes, why can't each day have a little more love in it? I support this "whole-heartedly" :)

  4. "teaching this to my children is my most important work"

    So true. Nice post.

  5. Daily acts of random kindness, that makes the world go round. You're doing a beautiful job of it, Maya.


  6. we're all just doing the best we can!

  7. Her gifts look beautiful. I never 'celebrate' Val's Day as I'm pretty much loved-up all year. But I do like the idea of showing a little extra love to my little ones next year... why not, huh? x

  8. even as they grow in to adults they cherish those little special somethings. My youngest is almost 18 , gasp. They were greeted with homemade valentines this morning and chocolates in new mugs and I even wrote long letters on their napkins tucked into their lunch is on mom today bagged lunches.
    my love to you and your family ,

  9. I totally agreee. I so wish the whole world thought the same way.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. my name is maya too! and my favourite thing to do is craft! its really funny that i stumbled accross your blog, but i follow it.

    and i wanted to tell you that i love your ideas!
    i had a valentine's party today, and i used your heart garland idea, and your lavender heart string (wool heart stuffed with herbs!)
    keep on blogging because i read it and love it! thank you!

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