Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bucket of spools and gratitude

Yesterday felt like my birthday or a holiday of some sorts! It was an extra-ordinary day.  I felt witnessed fully. First and foremost, that is because of all of the love that you generously showered on me. THANK YOU!! Something else occurred because I took a risk. It was a subtle one, but a risk nonetheless. I chose to announce my new book from a place of vulnerability, and I believe you felt it. I mentioned that I had struggled with how to share the news... for days! I had all kinds of fancy and high falutin' plans, but none of them seemed right... or (dare I say that much over used word) authentic. I happened to watch Brene Brown's TED video on Saturday night, and I do believe it influenced my ability to courageously be real.  I showed you ME. Happy me, but me. I didn't style it, nor get gussied up. Man, I was wearing my sweats yoga pants behind that blackboard.  You are friends... I really and truly know that. To show my gratitude, I'm putting together a very special giveaway for my next post.
 Now, back to those SPOOLS!
spool bucket

A quick bucket was made. I think I can make buckets with my eyes closed by now! It's bigger than it looks... so. many. spools. The ideas and stories in the comment section of the first spool post were incredible. Definitely worth checking into.  My favorite idea was tried immediately: bath-time bubble blower.
Dogwood said- 
My grandmother used wooden spools to get us kids to actually get clean in the bathtub. If you rub soap on yourself, say your leg, then rub the end of a spool on your soapy leg you can blow bubbles.

 It was such a hit, that I feared my daughter would never return from the prune she turned into! Now we keep a little bowl of spools on the ledge above the tub. Here are some more ideas for us to all enjoy from various spots around the web:
For now, the bucket of spools remain our new blocks. We moved them into the sun room with all of the other blocks. (And yes, I realized after I put this pic up,  she's in another tie-dye! Guess we all crave color in February.)
sunroom spools
I've only shown tiny glimpses into our sun room before, and this is still but a peek. It's our playroom... filled with light, toys and books.  It's 100%  child space, and I've kept it somewhat private for the past (almost) three years of this blog... but I think a tour may happen one day soon...
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  1. I am so happy for you, and can hardly wait for your book to come out so I can read it! Congrats & hugs! We all love you, esp when your comphy in your sweats ;)

    Tiffany Layden-Ooley
    The Write Way!

  2. That bag is huge! Lucky girls. The glimpse of the sunroom is lovely.

  3. lovely. I can remember making catepillars and snakes out of spools and yarn (and a bit of paint when I was small too.)

    also there is a spool table doing the rounds in pinterest ( http://pinterest.com/pin/6185212/ ) which I think is awesome.

  4. I love Brene Brown!! Hooray for courage! And your sunroom, I covet!!!

  5. What else does one wear in the first trimester of pregnancy but sweats and yoga pants, whenever the chance presents itself?!

    What a lovely space that sunroom is. The organization...ahhh. It's 7:30 am and it looks like a bomb went off in my living room--and that's YESTERDAY'S bomb!

  6. Oh Amy, my sunroom is only tidy in the winter when there are days that are too cold to go in and we just run in to grab something for the living room. Thus, it might be a good time for me to put on a sweater and hat and photograph it. Last week, we had high temps so it was fun to return to our favorite room.

  7. Aww. Happiness!

    Congrats on your big news!!!

  8. The Spool Bucket next to your daughter looks enormous! It's perfect for the kids to explore - but it reminds of the type of things they put in coffee shops like a huge bowl of coffee beans. It's the adults that can't resist running their hands through.

    That bucket o' spools just evokes warm feelings!

  9. Oh, do show us more of the playroom! What a great space - the long low bench/table has already filled my head with ideas for our play room!

  10. I"ve been collecting spools for a while now to make "tramp art" shelves. Threading spools over dowel rods and securing them tight, securing a board on top, then repeating. The spools become the four brackets to hold up each board. Does that make any sense?

  11. Is there anything better than "comfie cozies" this time of year? Or anytime? Love, love, love your spools and bucket!

  12. Wow, that bucket is huge! So many spools... I think I'm jealous!

  13. love the spook bucket. It looks right at home in your playroom. Love that the playroom has lotsa natural light. Lotsa fun must be had in there.

  14. That TED video was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

    So is blog land : o )

    Go girl!

  15. Hi Maya - This is Kate from over in France. Just wanted to say hi and give you my best congratulations and wishes on your great news! You certainly deserve it. I check in now and then, and think about you all. Nice to see you are doing well.

    We are all great here - I have a sewing machine and some fabric, so.....life is good. They sell fabric really wide here (up to 3 meters), so my imagination goes wild whenever I enter a store. And still, Jeff lets me go in. True love....

    Take care and say hi to your wonderful husband and kids for us!

  16. I can't wait to see the rest. So far I love it!

    We also have blocks all over the place. My little guy is a builder. So they really keep them entertained. =)

    Thanks for the mini-roundup of ideas on what to turn my wooden spools into.