Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 paper white bulbls
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~Anais Nin
 paper whites
Oh, I love that quote so much! I've staggered my paper whites so that they will be in varying stages of growth throughout the winter. Observing their process is always fascinating. For the first week... nothing. Then little tendrils unfurl at the base of the bulb as their roots begin... getting ready, gaining strength, holding tight. I still wait... and then, as if they can't hold back any longer, their shoots extend... stretching and reaching... and they can't be stopped. Their long green stems soar towards the ceiling and burst into bloom.

And that is my ode to winter blossoming... in honor of  Squam Art Workshops, which has just opened for registration. If this is an opportunity you've been considering, I urge you to take the leap... to grow and stretch! Such fabulous teachers and so many amazing classes! Many I wish I could take myself. But then again,  I'm SO EXCITED about the workshops I'm teaching! I find myself daydreaming, making lists, and generally aching for the day I set foot on the shore of Squam Lake once more. Can't wait to discover who I'll be meeting this year! Is it you? Maybe...

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  1. oh, you've included my favorite quote ever! how i wish i could join you at squam--one of these years i will make the trek back east (from down south)!

    happy 2011 to you!

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful quote to think about.
    Sorry but... Squam Lake is too far for me, hahaha

  3. Oh I've never seen paper whites in Australia - they look so pristine and beautiful. I have grown Hyacinths in containers like this - it really makes you appreciate the wonderful flowering process, doesn't it?

  4. It suddenly hit me just now Maya *as I flounder around with stuff bigger than me on my own blog). Your blog is a retreat. Far from the madding crowd, lost in whimsical maybe.x

  5. You have inspired my not-so-green thumbs to get some bulbs for indoors and try my best. Your Squam class looks fantastic. I want to go just to learn how to make one of those skirts. So pretty!

  6. I love how quickly paper whites bloom...and their smell is so welcome during the dull wintertime. Beautiful!

  7. oh I love this quote. and love the idea of staggering the paper whites in growing within different stages throughout the winter. That must be really fun for the kids to observe as well!

    wish i could make it to any of the workshops you will be teaching...

  8. My sweet husband has a ritual of organizing bulbs every bins in the garage. He brings them upstairs, bit by bit, to bloom on our winter windowsills. The scent is heavenly, especially the hyacinths.

    And especially when there is so much SNOW on the ground!

    Squam looks dreamy.

  9. What a smart idea to stagger them!

  10. The white flower is very very beautiful and amazing.I like it so much.