Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gift ideas

This winter take a moment to think about where you place your dollar, because each holiday purchase is a choice. I love supporting artisans and small green shops, and therefore have carefully selected the sponsors in my sidebar to reflect this. One way to support me (and the time I put into this blog) is to invest in these wonderful folks. I always have fun checking out their amazing sites... you will, too! This is but a tiny taste of what they have to offer, so please pay them a visit. Enjoy!

  1. unisex adult owl zippered hoodie 
  2. blue thermos lunch box
  3. half yard of Urchin
  4. large dipping bowl 
  5. organic kitchen towel
  6. blue spruce wool skirt

  1. green and blue nursery bundle
  2. small green mug with tricycle
  3. Little Men and Little Women
  4. Color Me Up Owl
  5. Harness a Horse Art Kit
  6. organic chicken kids tee
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  1. Great sampling! I appreciate your heart on this matter- being aware of where our dollar goes. So very important!

  2. Thanks for the ideas. #4 (large dipping bowl) has the wrong link though. I was going to have a close-up looksie at it and it went to a skirt instead.

  3. Thanks for sharing this,the idea is great and good.

  4. WOW! Great ideas! Thank you! :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing....I would much rather support these good people.