Friday, December 10, 2010

diy: coffee sack stockings

stocking-coffee vines
This stocking was made with a coffee sack that had originally been printed with green coffee vines and red coffee "berries" for organic Guatemalan beans. It was just begging to be repurposed for the holidays. I had so much fun making coffee sack stockings last year, that I made several and discovered them. I was contacted  this fall about featuring them in their 100 days of Holidays... if I would consider sharing a how-to. But, of course!  Here they are on with a nice selection of all kinds of stockings to get inspired by.

These burlap ones couldn't be simpler and make such a great gift for coffee lovers. Stuff one with some fair-trade beans and a handmade mug and you've got an unforgettable present. Source used coffee sacks at your local coffee roasting house. Here we go...

Coffee Sack Stockings


    * recycled coffee sack
    * lightweight cotton or linen for the lining
    * jute twine
    * neutral colored thread
    * newspaper or kraft paper


    * scissors
    * pencil
    * pins
    * sewing machine


   1. Trace an existing Christmas stocking onto paper. Add 1 inch around the entire shape and cut out to use as template.
   2. Using template, cut out two stocking pieces of the lining and two pieces of the burlap.
   3. Pin together stocking lining (right side to right side) and sew up all sides, leaving the top open.
   4. Do the same with the burlap and turn right side out.
   5. Insert lining into burlap and fold the tops in towards each other. Pin in place and add a loop of jute on the back at the seam. Top stitch all around the circumference of the opening. Done!
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  1. Coffee beans vines are very "holiday" aren't they? I like.


  2. I was wondering where you get your coffee sacks? I love all your beautiful projects with them and would love to get my hands on some myself. Thanks!

  3. too cute! would love using this idea instead of a gift bag!

  4. How perfectly Christmas-y! I just love this!

  5. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [11 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  6. I like your blog, This looks great! Thanks for the nice work.

  7. Gorgeous! I'd probably be too chicken to go and ask for coffee sacks at the local coffee roasting house, mind. They're a funny bunch in there...

  8. Hello! Oh how many wonderful things I have seen when reading your blog! Thank you for lovely moments and ispiration!
    Wishes from Crete! Teje

  9. wow this is so cute!! what a great idea too :)

  10. What a good idea! I love the look of these and they seem super simple to make. Thanks for sharing this idea and how-to!

  11. Hello Maya! I'm your new fan! I'm looking around your lovely blog - today - yesterday...It's full of wonderful things which I just love! Thank you for sharing so many great ideas and giving inspiration! Today I made 2 things inspired by you!
    Sunny wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete! Teje

  12. What a sweet idea Maya.
    Thanks so much for sharing.