Monday, November 29, 2010

whip up calendar

Kathreen, of Whip up fame, kindly sent me a complimentary copy of their annual calendar... a perennial  favorite of mine for my studio... especially last year's when I was featured in August! In fact, my calendar this year was inspired by the beauty of the previous two Whip Up calendars by Lulu. Kath switched things up this year and created a printable version in three formats: vertical a4/letter, horizontal a4/letter and vertical 2 printed to a page a4/letter or purchase the already beautifully printed hard copy from Redbubble. Such a great idea... wishing I had gone that route. Maybe next year!

Supporting Whip Up is always a wonderful thing!  Kath does such a fabulous job of showcasing crafters and artisans all year long, purchasing their calendar is a great way of saying "thank you"... and adding inspiring decor to your studio or home at a fraction of the cost in previous years. And hey, some of my dear friends are calendar girls this year! Congratulations to Sonia, Lisa, Lisa, Christine, PilliPilli and Meg... and all of the other talented artists featured!

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  1. aw, thank you Maya for pointing it to your readers :) it was such a thrill to see you & Margie (and lots of other talented ladies) last year, and such a honor for me to be part of this year's, along with other friends & talented ladies ! Thanks Maya, and thanks Kathreen for all the support !

  2. Your blog is always fascinating to read.