Monday, November 1, 2010

ruby slippers

Last night the first snowflakes began to fall as the kids sorted and traded their trick or treat candy. And so another Halloween passes and into November we go! Let's take a deep breath and plunge right in. I have some great ideas coming up for feathering our nests during the cozy season ahead... after all, "there's no place like home!" Pin It


  1. Sweet daughter was Dorothy last year with her brother the lion. I really like the idea of the kids trading in their Halloween candy for better options. Maybe we will try something like that next year.

  2. cute as a button...looking forward to more fun posts....

  3. I think my favorite thing about this photograph is the wrinkly little tights. So sweet! (I believe I might have given my eye teeth for ruby slippers at that age. Though, of course, the eye teeth might have been MIA at that critical point...)