Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't forget...

I hope that you're saving your toilet paper tubes again! Don't think that I've forgotten about our advent calendar. December is nearing. I'll unveil this year's tutorial very soon. I think it's my favorite so far! So if you don't have 24 tubes, maybe you want to start asking friends to save theirs for you. Don't be shy, every household has them. Let's put them to use with a magical transformation! Pin It


  1. OMG!!! yes yes yes, i;ve been saving my loo rolls - i need to do a quick count! Are you unveiling a NEW design for this year?? I am very much looking forward if you are. I've got a few more days to get to 24 rolls....xx

  2. Ha! Yes, I couldn't help myself... it's become my little challenge. Same material, new design each year.

  3. I'm afraid our tubes keep getting taken for other crafts: binoculars and telescopes for my little pirates. Oh, and this morning, a necklace, with the tube becoming one giant bead!

  4. I saw it in Woman's Day! Congrats to you!! What a brilliant idea too. I thought, hey I should make that, bloggers would love to know about it and then I noticed Mayamade.com. Very cool!
    - dana