Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After writing yesterday's post, I started thinking about how different we all are. What one perceives as scary, another might consider fascinating. I guess spooky is subjective. Black birds, bats, and spiders are all a part of the natural world and very much a part of our every daily living out here. They have made their way into our Halloween/fall  decor over the years.
spiders and bats oh my
Spooky? Maybe. One little tool that we've gotten so much pleasure out of is the Martha Stuart spider punch. (This is unsolicited promotion, of course). I find punches to be one of the most useful crafting tools for making the most out of recycled paper (or making plain old construction paper come to life). We have several, but the spider is the most popular and doubles as a great counting/math tool!
spider punch
In fact, this year they will be incorporated into whatever my daughter's costume will turn into... it's the only decision that's firm so far.
Here's a peek at some afternoon projects we're working on this week:
paper pumpkin wip

pumpkin wip
Bat template
Spider punch: available at most crafting supply stores and definitely at Michael's. Pin It


  1. it's true, spooky is relative :)

    your projects look fun, i like that spidey stamp! we've been a bit obsessed with spider and web crafts too...

  2. Your house is beginning to look very spooky!!!
    I better get moving in that direction

  3. Love the bats and spiders. I like "naturally spooky" things. It's scary to be out walking at night and have a bat swoop down and brush by your hair.


  4. Great ideas ;)
    We are working on a few things today. Kid friendly and not so gory yet ;) thank-goodness ;)

  5. What a great way to dress up your home for Halloween. Those spiders are kind of spooky, but very cute too. Very creative way to give your living room a touch of the season ;)