Friday, October 1, 2010

double doodle

double doodle framed 
 I must share what I learned last night! My daughter's art teacher guided the children through some "double doodle" exercises and now she can't stop creating them. I gave it a try and it's mesmerizing.
double doodles

Here are several different approaches:
  • moving the markers along side one another going in the same direction 
  • moving each hand in a different direction... at the same time
  • mirror imaging one another
My daughter insists the ONLY way is the mirror image option. She's got her rules. I think any way  you do it, you're putting your non-dominant hand to work and exercising both sides of your brain. A good thing and quite captivating.  She started me off with a heart. I suggest the same. Go grab some markers and tell me what you think.

p.s. would you take a look at those snow peeps!
p.p.s. I'll be around a bit this weekend so stop back for a visit.

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  1. Curious what the art teacher intended. Do you know? It reminds me of those exercises where you tap with one hand on your head and the other you rub your belly. It is always amazing how confusing that is. I'm sure there's a benefit of practicing your non-dominant hand.

  2. I've never seen this before--what a great brain exercise. I think my kiddos are a little young for it, but I'd like to try it myself!

  3. my kids are a waldorf school and this exercise is a regular - they call it form drawing. very good for left and right brain development! i love doing it too.

  4. Whoa--this is a cool exercise! After reading this I pulled out a piece of paper and doodled around a bit. Great exercise for kids!

  5. I just finished a workshop on BrainGym, which included this exercise and a bunch of others good for different academics and life! I just started trying them today and I can't wait to do double doodle.

  6. very cool! we'll try this out today :)

  7. This kind of two-handed drawing is actually a great math game. We did it some time ago in the early math course. Check it out here -!/symmetry-two-hand-mirror-drawing

  8. I teach a class of two year olds in a school where we use emergent curriculum. (The basic idea is that what we explore in the class comes from the childrens' interests and strenghts. My role is to help facilitate that with new challenges and materials) Some of the children like to color or "write" with both hands at the same time. This exercise sounds like something they would really enjoy--thanks for the great idea!!