Thursday, September 9, 2010

stolen minutes

flower cutting station
Within almost each day there are stolen minutes laced with simplicity, perhaps in the company of zinnias and cosmos...
flower cutting -vase 1
or discovered in the magic of stumbling upon unexpected afternoon sunshine streaming through a window.
afternoon light
afternoon light reflected
It's these fleeting, quiet moments of abundance that I hold onto when the rest of the world seems to be spinning a little too fast.
flower cutting
So in the midst of adjusting to new fall routines, family sickness, and crazy country internet connections {that flub any attempt at getting work done}, I recognize these captured bits of peace for the gifts they really are.

I'm hoping you catch a quiet moment for yourself today, too!
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  1. Right now. I'm about to have some quiet time myself. Much needed quiet time.

  2. We are on the same page today, Maya!
    Love your pics.

  3. zinnias are my favorites, especially orange. love the first picture, i think i would spend all day there. the little bed looks so inviting too and those white pantaloons? adorable.

  4. We are thinking a little bit the same today. Especially the chairs. Beautiful zinnias, images, thoughts.

  5. I've just sat down, taken my shoes off and cracked open a chocolate bar. I've still got plenty to do today, but this is the first moment of peace in weeks, so I'm savouring it...

  6. I found your blog via annekata (who I found from Creature Comforts-hooray for the blogging community!) and now I would like to step into that photo of the afternoon sun streaming in on that bed. So dreamy and restful.

  7. Sigh, yes. The quiet moments are like a little sigh in the middle of the chaos. Lovely reminder. x

  8. it's so beautiful how you appreciate simple lovely things...

  9. I am loving that flower-picking photo so so very much! The toe polish! :)

  10. i would love to have some quit time right now , sitting to one of these wonderful inviting wicker chairs!lovely images...

  11. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts! I hope your whole fall is full of peaceful moments!