Wednesday, September 1, 2010


 Hello Sweet September! So happy to see you. Along with all of your bittersweet endings, you also bring some pretty wonderful beginnings... (she types while biting into one of the first apples of the season).

My September favorites in no particular order: apples, falling leaves, harvest time, sharpened pencils, baking, last lake swims, clothes STILL on the line, boots,sunflowers, sweaters(but certainly not today it's a scorcher!)...

I know I'm leaving lots out, what are some of your September favorites? Pin It


  1. I love all of your favorite things too! Love the picture :)


  2. I couldn't agree with you more! I'm so happy to say hello to September and good-bye to August. Looking forward to cooler weather, my 7th anniversary and my little girl turning 6.

  3. Canning peaches, pears, tomatoes, jams. Crisp mornings and warm afternoons.

    Happy Fall!


  4. Streets lined with blossom, lambs in the paddocks and lengthening days.

  5. My favorite thing about September is my middle son's (the Imp) birthday! (:

  6. This picture literally made me stop and catch my breath. Absolutely stunning and so inspiring. Thanks!

  7. First bite of the apple too. Gathering kindling and raking, love them both, and watching the changes in the birds, some going, some coming....xox Corrine

  8. Banks of mist in the morning, cinnnamon, molasses, pumpkins round and bright, snuggling deep into feather down....Fall is my favorite time of year!

    I love this photograph. I sighed when I saw it. So beautiful!

    I enjoy your images and your ideas so much, Maya!

    xo country girl

  9. September is the beginning of Spring here in Australia, so list would be a little different.
    Warmer weather, gardening, spring cleaning, t-shirts and shorts, daylight saving at the end of the month and swimming in our new pool.

  10. Those are ALL a few of my favorite things! What I love best about autumn though is the smells in the air.

    That photo just carried me away, it is so lovely! And my bike is just like that but in red!

    Happy September to you!

  11. growing up in new england it would be the turning leaves. Today is my mom's birthday so thats a good sept thing as well!

  12. It's Spring here in New Zealand and I'm loving all the blossom (particularly magnolia - so beautiful!), lambs in the fields, daffodils, magical misty mornings, crazy thunder storms and then perfect still days....

    I've got a giveaway on my blog at the moment so do drop by and have a look : )

    Love your photos as always, Maya!
    Lucy x

  13. LOVE this photo.

    west coast clam chowder
    first day of school outfits (I always buy a new outfit for the first day back at work after summer vacation, even now)
    knitting with wool
    cooler air so i can take a hike (I get sun stroke)

    oh i love the smell of just sharpened pencils, too-- totally the scent of september

  14. mmm fall flowers, like mums! Street fair season, and new school clothes ;)

  15. um...EVERYTHING!

    I LOVE September and October. They are the BEST.


  16. Oh! This picture makes my heart leap!

    September is the time for tender green Spring shoots and delicate blossoms down here in Austrlalia ... soft scents wafting on the breeze and the promise of warmth between gusty winds and sudden showers. The blackbirds have started singing down our chimney again too :-)