Thursday, September 16, 2010

the salvaged neckline

lace necklace
Sometimes a quick and tiny project thrown into the mix creates enough diversion to spur me on to the finish line with everything else. So it was with this little crocheted necklace/accessory I refashioned. I'm not quite sure what it should be, though. Maybe you'll help me decide...

It started out as the neckline of a .99 cent blouse from the thrift shop. I picked it up on a scorching summer day, when I ran in for a few seconds with kids in tow. The thin white gauze and sweet crocheted neckline made me grab it off the rack without looking too closely. When I got home, I noticed some spots on the front. I thought a bit of tea-staining might disguise them and create a nice antique look. Oops!  The tea didn't just stain it, yikes! It highlighted every previous stain the former owner had put on the blouse... including underarm sweat stains.Yuck! Almost didn't give you a visual, but here you go, just in case you ever get the notion to tea-stain a thrifted top... do so with caution.
stained top
I cut out the neckline (and salvaged a few bits of the fabric), which had turned to a nice cream color.
stained blouse
In the top photo, you can see how sweet it looks as a necklace on Goldy with an added vintage button in the center. Another little button serves as a clasp at the back. Nice.  However, I'm still wondering if I shouldn't just re-attach it to a new top to recreate its life as a neckline. What's your vote:
  1. Sew it to another blouse?
  2. Keep it as is a necklace?
  3. Another idea?
These were my deep thoughts(ha!) as I sewed buckets yesterday.  Here's a peek at a new size I worked on: low and large
extra large and low bucket of apples
It's one foot in diameter! That's a whole peck of apples it holds, with room to spare Pin It


  1. Great find! It sure looks great on that mannequin! If you keep it as a necklace you can use it to spice up all kinds of tops!

  2. a lovely find indeed. Sorry for the stains that didn't disappear with tea staining, though.
    A necklace is a fine idea indeed. I'm trying to think of another, more original idea ... um ... maybe it may adorn something else than another top ... a lamp shade, a bag, a purse, or wrist cuffs, the belt of something else ... It maybe used for many different projects in fact. (or maybe my head is spinning LOL)
    have fun with it, at any rate !
    I love the low & wide bucket ! SO beautiful & fun & useful ! oxoxo

  3. now that visual is not very pleasing this morning..LOL! Love the crocheted piece though!

  4. It's a very pretty piece of crochet lace. I know you'll find just the right application for it or leave it as is for a necklace. What type of clothing would you wear this with when wearing it as a necklace? Curious.


  5. I love the bucket. Hmm, I vote for putting it on a new blouse - or apron or whatever. My vote probably shouldn't count, though, as I don't wear jewellery...

  6. Love the new bucket size! That would also be wonderful for holding yarns (you can still see everything).

    The crochet would make a wonderful contrast to some of your bucket burlap if you wanted a special bucket for something.

    Otherwise I'd sew it to a casual top - I like being able to stitch it in place so it doesn't curl up with washing.

  7. I'm so glad I asked for your advice. I love how it looks as a necklace, but I'm wondering if it would be more practical on another top... The question of what I'd wear it with is a good one. I'm thinking layers with the top layers being low and round. We'll see... thanks for the input.

  8. Love the crochet accessory and the bucket! I think I would either use the crochet piece as a necklace, if it hung right, or maybe embellish a tote bag or purse, or maybe a hand towel.

  9. Oh, I love it as a crafty! Love your new buckets too...might you be selling those in your shop soon?

    Jamie :)

  10. i love your buckets when you post about them. this one looks great with the apples in them.

    I say attach the neckline on to another shirt.

  11. I would sew it to another blouse. It is the perfect shape already and it wouldn't swing out as I bent over while serving or crafting! I don't wear long necklaces any more because I've dunked them in food, caught them on projecting objects ripping them apart and even ensnared the cat's arm once, flipping the poor pussy right over. But that is just me.

  12. I think the piece would look perfect on a plain white T. Just enough contrast. You could either stitch it down...or not!

    As for the new bucket, do you plan to sell/tutorial the new dimensions? (I have purchased both bucket patterns). I am really liking that idea of a really big bucket for my knitting projects. I use them that way now, but bigger would be better, and I'm dead stupid at figuring proportions.

  13. I think it would be nice as a neckline on a top to go with the reinvention skirt! Oh, and I wanted to tell you that your post of a day or two ago inspired me to convert a half apron (not into a blouse, but a regular apron)--so satisfying. I also had success with the lettuce edge today! I just needed a ballpoint needle (of course!).

  14. I'm really liking the idea of it on a plain T... oh and to go with a reinvention skirt, too.

    Go Amber, go! Love all the success you just had!

  15. I like the necklace idea. I love finding little embellishments to make into something else---you're so inspiring!

    I also can't wait for the round bucket pattern--- I'm going to pick apples soon... :-)

  16. Thanks for the tea stain warning! I love that low wide bucket especially. Would be great for wooden blocks.