Friday, September 24, 2010

the reinvention scarf #1: how-to

reinvention scarf #1: how to
That stack of deconstructed linen clothing has reinvented itself once more. Now it's a super soft scarf. This simple "pieced" scarf turned small fabric scraps into a very useful accessory on brisk morning walks. I've made this style many times before, but check out the new twist that I'm super excited about:
A stash pocket! Perfect place to slip a key or credit card if you don't want to carry a bag and your clothes are pocket-less. All scarves should have them!
good to go!
When taking apart clothing to use for its fabric, there are often buttons, pockets, etc, that are leftover. Reinventing these pieces creatively makes use of already constructed pieces, which saves time and adds a nice design element. Plus, it makes you feel extra clever! That little loop I made to cinch the two sides together already had the button hole in it, so it took only minutes to create.

Would you like to make a reinvention scarf of your own? These are so simple that they don't quite warrant a tutorial, but I'm jotting down the how-to just in case it would be helpful.This is a great project for a new sewer. The process is just as fun as the outcome is lovely. You'll need to go through your closets or the racks at your favorite thrift store to find the perfect clothing that inspires deconstruction. Linen, wool, and corduroy are my favorites for this project.
  1. Decide the width of your scarf. The one above was 7 inches before sewing. 
  2. Cut lots of lengths of your coordinated fabrics, keeping all of the widths the same.
  3. Lay them out on the floor to create a pattern.
  4. If you have a pocket that you're planning on incorporating,  make sure it's positioned in the right direction and towards the bottom of one side.
  5. When happy with the combination, stitch together until the scarf is  your preferred length. Try it on as you go to see what you think.
  6. Iron seams flat. If you want to add embellishments like lace or applique do so now.
  7. Use one color for the back piece. I used the leg of a pair of thrifted linen pants. Pant legs are great sources for fabric for long scarves. Cut the fabric to match the size of the "patchwork" front piece.
  8. Place right side to right side and stitch all around the edges leaving a small opening at bottom of one side.
  9. Turn right side out and iron the opening shut. Sew a decorative stitch across each bottom hem (closing the hole shut on that one open side)
  10. Wrap around your neck and take a walk.
 I have another scarf with a twist that I'll share next week. Hope your weekend is filled with love and creativity! Pin It


  1. Your scarf reinvention is very clever. I like it - and think I may have a few "extra" pockets around. My son's jeans always wear through the knees first, and then he outgrows them (since he's still young). Some of those pockets could be put to good use for such a project.

    I admire your creativity. I never know what I'll find when I visit your blog - but it is always something good. :)

  2. Your scarf project is GORGEOUS, Maya !!! Love your clever pockets and your choice of repurposed linen and fabrics ! I easily guess your excitment !!! Thanks so much for sharing your brilliant ideas.
    Wish you a happy and inspiring autumn ! Hugs from South of France.

  3. Brilliant to add a little pocket to a scarf! Now excuse me while I go search for stray pockets to use...

  4. Love the scarf, the colors, material and especially the extra pocket. You're so right: it's perfect when wearing skirts or dresses without one. Super idea! I'm gonna make one!

  5. I love the pocket - what a cool idea! I can't tell you how often I'm wearing a skirt with no pockets, and am stuck carrying a bag just to hold my keys and phone. This is practically revolutionary!

  6. Clever and beautiful! I admire the way you allow lovely fabric to ingratiate itself, nudging its way into creative works of functional art. Thanks for sharing your work.

  7. very clever! it's a beautiful scarf. i love the colors and the special touches you've added to it.

  8. i love a scarf with a pocket! very very cool looking and your workmanship is divine...well done you!

  9. What a great idea! All scarves should have little pockets! I love finding ways to use every little bit up. One of my favorite vintage quilts has pieces cut from a man's shirt, including the button placket and a piece with the side seam running through it. So charming.

  10. Including the pocket is ingenious! Now I can take a walk thru the neighborhood and have a place for the house key! Thanks for sharing the how-to.


  11. I love the pocket especially! I'm a little jealous, it seldom gets cold enough to wear scarves here.

  12. It looks great, Maya, very clever and very wearable.

    Oh, I got my prize in the mail on Friday and forgot to tell you! It's the best little book and we made paper flowers on Saturday. The tsunamis love it and so do I. All the way across the world and into our hearts already. Thank you. Thank you! x

  13. love the colors and little details of crocheted lace and stitching. the pocket...pure genius!

  14. maya, you're a genius! a scarf pocket!! i love the look and utility of this scarf. i've got to go thrifting soon.

  15. Hello :-)
    I love redesign :-)
    the scarf is very nice :-)
    Greetings from Norway :-)

  16. Great scarf! The pocket and loop make it extra special. I'm inspired!

  17. Terrific idea! Perfect for when it gets cooler here in AZ and I take the dogs for a walk. I will definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love this scarf with the pocket. Also enjoy all of your website, very down to earth and I really enjoy how you redo items around the house or left over old clothes.Happy New Year