Thursday, September 30, 2010

paperchains continued

paper  leaves and acorns
It's amazing how much we ALL respond to newspaper and watercolors. I also think paper chains must  be part of our shared childhood memories... so I couldn't help but continue with the leaves. These are so little and delicate. I think I'll make several for hanging in the windows.
paper chains again
Next, I tried using an xacto knife and highly recommend it for adult paper-chainers. I discovered two newspaper tricks along the way:
  1.  Pencil erasers work wonders on taking a little ink off for creating faces.
  2. Glue sticks are indispensable for reattaching heads... ouch!
paper chain fix
I also painted some new children for my daughter and created some "blanks"  for her to fill in when she gets home today. I miss not having her at my side constantly, and our afternoons are always about reconnecting. A gentle art project, as simple as watercolors or markers, facilitates talking. It gives her an opportunity to share her daily adventures and tell me all the little details I'm hungry for. When asked too many  questions of the "how was your day" variety, most young children can't respond with much more than one word answers. I find that joining my daughter in some good creative work increases her ability (and desire) to relive her day or any feelings that have come up... naturally and without pressure. She's quite happy and insanely in love with her friends, but don't you think paper dolls lend themselves perfectly to discussions about friendship. Just saying...
paper friends
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  1. Can't wait to try this...I have three girls and we are always looking for creative projects...this is perfect. You have taken paper chains to a new level! This past weekend we collected our old t-shirts and knits to "repurpose" into skirts (inspired by your blog) Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  2. Loving these paper chains Maya. I want to try the evergreen trees for holiday. what fun.

  3. These are just such a wonderful idea - thank you for sharing and glad she is feeling better.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  4. Those are great! And you're right, there is just something about paper chains that take me back to childhood days!

  5. These are WONDERFUL! I love them!

  6. Oh, Maya. You've outdone yourself. I am head over heels for your acorns, up there. And yes, on the paper dolls -- technique to easy talks.

    We've suddenly fallen down the paper doll rabbit hole, with my two littlest, and I'm both thrilled and scrambling to brush up on 3-decades-old skills. This is such an inspiration. Thanks.

  7. These are so attractive and fun. Will have to try them out when my baby girl is older. : )

  8. I'm loving your paperchains. I have just returned from The Wearable arts Show in Wellington NZ..and part of the show were children in 'newspaper' costumes looking like paperchain girls with linked hands.

  9. thanks so much everyone for enjoying with me!

    Kellen- the evergreen one was so tricky for some reason... I have to keep working on it. I bet you'll be able to juggle four little ones (and the scissors) and make a beauty, you're just that good.

    Molly, glad to have company down the paper doll rabbit hole!

    Joan the Wearable Art Show sounds incredible. Serendipity, indeed!

  10. You know, I always forget how easy these are to make. My kids would love to paint some chains. Something to do next week.

  11. loving the acorns!
    I am not keeping a newspaper, but I will ask my father to bring me some of theirs when I see them tomorrow!!
    Can't wait to try it out!

  12. I loved this so much i shared it on my link party!

  13. I wandered over here from Gardenmama - these paper chains are so lovely! I've been wanting to make some with my girls.

    I was reading and my eldest, 5 1/2, came up and saw the last picture. She remarked, "Who is that and is that how many friends they have?" So you are right, there must be something about paper dolls. :)


  14. I really love these. They seem so airy and sprightly.
    I want to make some, but I cannot figure out how you were able to make them all different shapes and sizes. How is your paper folded?

    I grew up making the ones where you accordian the paper and then cut one shape/size and they end up all the same.