Monday, July 12, 2010

a job and a drink

 I discovered that a toothpick, a toothbrush, and a rag may be all that you need to keep a five year old engaged... 
cleaning the base: a job
My daughter wanted a job, something real. Our blender base was sitting on the counter, unplugged,  in a very sorry state from heavy use during the heat wave.  I provided an old toothbrush; my daughter  came up with the toothpick and provided her own elbow grease. She cleaned out every crevice of our "smoothie machine" with complete concentration and satisfaction.
real work
So, if you're looking for new ideas for your children, consider giving them a cleaning job. Look for something where they'll be able to see a tangible difference right  away.  They'll feel so proud of their work. This job is just an iteration of another "rag job" my daughter enjoys.  She has a spray bottle with a little vinegar in it, that she keeps in a basket with a rag. I'm often asked  if I need the windows cleaned!
So what happened after the blender was transformed? We used it, of course!  I found two quarts of blueberries hiding in the back of the freezer... the very last of the previous years crop. We combined a couple of handfuls with lemonade in the blender. Slushy blueberry-ade was born. Drank it all weekend long!
Doesn't it look delicious? I love photographing food. My son often assists. I thought you'd like to see a behind the scenes shot, too. That lovely photo was taken in the play room/sunroom where we have the most light... it rests on our tea party table with a poster board propped in front. Happy Monday!
my assistant Pin It


  1. fabulous. Harrison helped me do the dusting yesterday, he was a total superstar... until he moved a picture frame that stands on a table he was dusting.

    H: Mum?
    me: yes?
    H: there is something wrong with this table. I think a bird pooed on it.
    Me: *alarmed* what?
    H: bird poo on the table.
    Me: *looks at table then slaps forhead* ah yes rogue bird, I'll get the cleaner.

    A bird flew in a few weeks ago, I looked all over the house for an hour, no bird. Sat down for a coffee and gossip with my friend, and the rogue bird whizzed past my head from nowhere and out the french doors.

    er sorry for the witter...too much coffee this morning

  2. Ha! Great story- I love the "witter"!

  3. You are just a breath of fresh air...your photo of your Son holding the mat board made me laugh because there's usually one of my kids beind mine!
    The drink looks delish and so refreshing!

  4. Oooh send you're daughter round to me, I have lots of glass that could use some elbow grease. I love smoothies (yum).

  5. Hooray, everyone's helping! The drink looks delicious. I really like the look of your kitchen.

  6. Your kitchen is *gorgeous!* It's like a dream I didn't know I'd had.

    When I took photographs of the books I used to make, my oldest son would hold things up in the background as well.

  7. I could have used her help a few days ago. My wonderful 12 year old KitchenAid blender, which I love for the "crush ice" button, decided to break. It was the little black thingy (technical term) that makes the blades whirl. I took it apart and it sure needed a cleaning! (note to teenage boys,and their endless milkshakes) I am proud to say that I was able to order the part and fix it myself. The part was $6.95, the shipping was $7.95! Still a new blender like this one would have been $150

  8. Mmm! Another berry concoction! I'll have to try it! I've been using the raspberry-rosemary syrup I made from your recipe last week to flavor my lemonade lately! So delicious! (I'm almost out of syrup too! I need to get more raspberries!)

  9. I love it! I think your "behind the scenes" photo is even lovlier than the original. In my attempts to gain momentum with blogging I always wonder how others do it. Teamwork, of course!

  10. Hmm, I'm considering sending the kids off to clean their bathroom floor with a toothbrush...

  11. How nice that your daughter WANTED to help do something productive! Love the photo with your son helping you stage the blueberry-ade.


  12. I have a little cleaning helper too. Love your kitchen and the behind the scenes photo! So often I wonder if people have a whole prop/backdrop room for their photos, but I think we're pretty much all the same with our portable backdrops and assistants!

  13. They so love to help, don't they? And any cleaning done is a bonus in my book. The windows are a favourite and my girls spend hours with water and a paintbrush 'painting' the walls outside. And giving them a good clean along the way.

  14. How nice to see your behind the scenes photos, Maya. You keep it so real and down-to-earth, and are lucky to have two such wonderful helpers!

  15. You are brilliant I love that blueberry drink so pretty..amazing