Saturday, July 24, 2010

impromptu circus resources

z resources
The circus is almost ready to leave town, so I thought I'd compile a little list of already mentioned links and add some favorites, too. If you know of any more, please mention them in the comment section. Thanks again for joining in this week!

How to make a hula hoop
Learn to juggle
Juggle 3 balls 
Newspaper bunting tutorial
also try e-bay for vintage parasols and umbrellas
Woodmouse Circus set
The Black Apples's Lost on the Midway postcard set
Collage sheet of vintage circus advertisements and ephemera
Roadside Projects amazing circus prints
vintage wooden circus toy chest

Children's books:
Last Night I dreamed of the Circus
Last Night I Dreamed a Circus
See Circus Lift Flap
See the Circus (Lift the Flap Series)
Painted Circus Presents Mesmerizing Menagerie
Painted Circus, The: P.T. Vermin Presents a Mesmerizing Menagerie...

Kids Perform Circus Arts
Kids Perform Circus Arts (Crabapples) Pin It


  1. The wrap up with links is great attention to detail and very useful. Thanks

  2. Thanks so much, Tanya. I really do love the little details...

  3. Such fun to watch your circus unfold.


  4. Thank you for sharing all of this.
    So much fun and magical.

  5. Here's a fun link to a circus image bank in the Netherlands with nearly eight thousand circus posters from 1880 to the present:

  6. Aww, thank you, Maya, for linking to my blog! I'm in love with the resources you linked to, great finds as usual.

  7. Our new favorite kids book is "The Circus Ship". Lovely story!

  8. Your wrap-up has given me the perfect opportunity to say thank you. I've really enjoyed the visit to the circus over the past week. We 'went for real' a weekend ago and my children are so enjoying some of your circus-at-home ideas. Marvellous stuff.

  9. I do not know if it is appropriate to mention, but if you or your children like Playmobil, they currently have a lot of circus playsets, both big and small. I know it is not "make your own" but I do have a lot of fun with my collection and my friends and their children seem to enjoy them a lot (and to be surprised that someone my age has a cigar box full of Playmobil)

  10. Thanks for the new link, Kathrin!

    The Circus Ship does look lovely, Mary. Thanks!

    Alison, I'm not so familiar with the newer Playmobil sets. We have a big collection from son's younger years and even some "vintage" ones from my little brother. I'll have to investigate! Thanks so much!

  11. loved this series, Maya.... linked to you in my post last week. happy summer! finally cooling off some here, hoping the same for you.

  12. Such a pleasant way to while away the week! Very nice & the links wrap-up is a great little "extra".
    Jane -Jacksonville

  13. PS - I mentioned your crafty genius on my site today with a link. Trust that's okay.

  14. I would dream the same circus you've made! fabulous! thanks for all the ideas... :)

  15. I love EVERYTHING MayaMade and have a link to you on my blog! This was such an extra treat for us! You have such a way about you and how those pictures look is how I strive for my life to look/be! What an inspiration you are for me! I really enjoyed this series (on Annekata too!). Many t-shirts were rescued from our donation bags and we are looking forward to making our rag balls.
    Thank you!

  16. This was the most fun circus ever! Thank you for sharing all the details.