Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dog days...

skirts on a chair
 I often have to remind myself that the hands of the clock move differently during the summer... Sure, the days are longer, but they are so much fuller. Keeping everyone cool, happy and well fed takes up most of the hours in each day. In between, I'm working on several new variations of this skirt I keep talking about... there are so many possibilities, and I want the instructions  to include interesting ways to manipulate the fabric and pretty little details. I do love details...
...even if they come more slowly during the dog days of summer. I keep whispering to myself to smile and enjoy the process... even if it's in bits and bursts. Rushing isn't the point. Doing something well and with love is what truly makes me happy.

 Love your process... whatever it is!
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  1. ohhhh!!!!! these are so lovely. i can't wait to see more. some summer days with the girls it is soo very hard to "smile and enjoy the process", but thank you for inspiring me and reminding me to whisper encouragement to myself! :)

  2. Those ruffles! I am enamored! Can't wait to see more....

  3. love the boots in the photo..you do such an amazing job of photography!

  4. I'll be patient!! I like how the ruffles are gathered closer to the top on the white ruffles, great detail! Thanks again for the great ideas!

  5. These look lovely. I just taught myself how to make ruffles so I will try something fun soon.

    By the way, I'm doing a summer giveaway that you might like ;)

  6. well said. Enjoy the summer days!
    Love the little peak of the skirt that is showing. Ruffles make me swoon....so feminine.

  7. this is gorgeous! love all of the different detail aspects!

    ...and the "love your process" quote is so great!


  8. Love love love the layered peek-a-boo skirt!

  9. Those details are so delightful and your words are beautiful. Thank you!